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Arreda la tua casa con OluxIlluminazione

Furnish your home with OluxIlluminazione

If you are thinking of better illuminating your environment with light points such as chandeliers, wall lamps or floor lamps... you will surely have noticed that Olux's proposals include various opportunities. From lighting industry trends, to retro classics.

Certainly, each light source takes into account the function of the room in which it is located, and therefore despite the increasingly popular design innovations, it is good to evaluate the needs of each space.

A chandelier in the kitchen is not the same as a living room lamp, nor a wall light in the small bathroom!

Modern kitchen chandeliers

For some time now, the regular and geometric lines of modern kitchens have also influenced the style of lighting.

Although sometimes the personality of a piece of furniture, such as a chandelier, can be expressed through the contrast with the surrounding furniture, in kitchens we tend to choose it in line with the linear and practical furnishings.

Among the novelties in lighting systems, especially with regard to modern chandeliers in the kitchen , we can define some distinct trends.

One is given by the multiple presence of chandeliers and light points in the kitchen , similar or different from each other. Very often different shapes are combined with the same colour, for example spotlights on the kitchen top and a chandelier on the table.

While the similar shapes (sometimes twin), are inserted at different heights in the case of floor lamp, wall lamp and chandelier.
Maybe a multi-bulb suspension chandelier can be oriented to different heights.

When a single chandelier is used in modern kitchens, the light is usually strong, and the lines can be at odds with their surroundings. Maybe they are sinuous shapes, or colored materials!
In any case, the multiple choice can give life to original and certainly satisfying compositions for the radiation.

Modern bathroom chandeliers

If the goal, on the other hand, is the bathroom, the choice is certainly between suspensions, chandeliers, ceiling lights and appliques.
Yes, because the bathroom is a particular space, which must take into account many variations of space and lighting where it is most needed or preferred (sink, corner shower, etc.).

Usually, a light that is not too strong is chosen, and the favorite modern bathroom chandeliers are the small ceiling ones but with a uniform radiation.

Like ceiling lights or wall lights , which can add an elegant style to the bathroom, without taking up much space.
A mini pendant light provides a useful focal point, and can be complemented by recessed spotlights at strategic points.

It's also important to evaluate the materials, because they must be suitable for a humid environment: a fabric lamp is very vintage, but it's not good for a modern bathroom!

In addition to the design, it is essential to adjust the height of the installation to prevent the light source from being subjected to jets of water or vapours.

Even a crystal chandelier could be fine in the most sumptuous and classic bathrooms, but in a modern bathroom the essential shapes (perhaps round or cylindrical wall lights or ceiling lights) are ideal.

On OluxIlluminazione it will be easier to select the right lighting for service areas, thanks to our sections dedicated to bathroom and kitchen.

Furthermore, we remind you that it is useful to use LED bulbs to obtain greater energy savings , in environments where the lighting is often kept on for a long time.
Our proposals are always combined with these solutions, to combine design and practicality!

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