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Olux Illuminazione: we produce and build design lamps and spotlights

The mission is to produce designer lamps and lampshades of good quality at competitive prices, both on the Italian and European markets. And of course to create products mainly - but not exclusively - aimed at a young target. Olux is a factory specializing in lampshades.

Olux Illuminazione is a leading company in the production and sale of lighting accessories. We specialize in manufacturing lampshades of any shape and size, this activity over time has allowed us to become a point of reference in the sector today boasting a well-established activity such as lampshade factory . What has always distinguished our strictly made in Italy productions is quality, combined with customization. In fact, we are able to create a customized production of lampshades, satisfying every single request from customers. Olux Illuminazione is able to produce both a single piece and the same mass-produced product. The manufacture of lampshades signed by Olux Illuminazione is absolutely customizable and modular according to each specific request. For example, if you have a ready-made drawing or a specific request, all you have to do is present the project to us and we will make it concrete for you. If, on the other hand, you only have an idea, we will put you in touch with our experts who will provide you with proposals for creating the lampshade you had imagined. The production of lampshades is extremely large.

Our company manufactures lampshades of any type and shape: smooth fabric, pleats and other fabrics. Given the great experience in the sector, our lampshade factory is able to cover both large supplies and orders that come from private individuals, the quality and made in Italy production is always guaranteed. Attention to customer proposals for the creation of personalized lampshades is everything for our company. This is why in ours we have all the tools available that allow us to create a product of extreme quality: fabrics, finishes and refined materials for an impeccable design. Our propensity towards the customer allows us to create lampshades also with fabrics expressly requested by the customer. The high quality of Olux Illuminazione products joins the experience of our work, only in this way we are able to retain customers and satisfy them in their choices. Punctuality in deliveries, listening and the elegance of the lampshades mean that our positioning in the sector of lampshade factories is higher and higher. Whatever your requests, the personalized lampshade manufacturing service was created to satisfy them all. From sizes, large or small, to refined and quality fabrics to colors, always bright and trendy. Olux Illuminazione has been boasting its activity of manufacturing and selling lighting accessories for years, accompanying it with the personalized service of production of lampshades on request, always bringing the Made In Italy brand to the top.


The mission of Olux lighting proposes modern chandeliers, ceiling lights, spotlights etc ... of youthful and modern designs, for this reason it makes use of the collaboration with young designers with a predisposition to search for new designs and new materials. In this context, Olux lighting evaluates collaboration proposals with emerging designers.