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5 Consigli per arredare con Faretti
April 3, 2021 Olux Illuminazione

5 Tips for decorating with Spotlights

Do you love clean lines in interior light design? Want a simple, direct pattern in the direction of the light? Spotlights can be your great asset! Following a lighting plan...

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  • Le tendenze del design 2024
    September 27, 2023 Olux Illuminazione

    Le tendenze del design 2024

    Sappiamo che la luce negli interni svolge un ruolo cruciale nel design, trasforma gli spazi e crea atmosfere ben precise. Seguire le tendenze nel design dell'illuminazione, quindi, significa rendere la propria casa ancora più contemporanea, con esperienze visive coinvolgenti, nello...

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  • Lampadari a ruota: fascino antico e illuminazione moderna
    May 20, 2023 OluxIlluminazione .

    Wheel chandeliers: ancient charm and modern lighting

    This style was born in the Middle Ages, to create a lighting system suitable for large spaces. At a time when huge churches and public halls were busy, a spoked wheel chandelier ensured ample and magnificent illumination. The functional element,...

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  • I migliori materiali per i lampadari moderni
    March 2, 2023 OluxIlluminazione .

    The best materials for modern chandeliers

    Each raw material can affect the shape and life of your chandelier. It's not just the light that makes the difference... Decoration and function, the material creates a different chandelier Suspended from the ceiling, or installed as a wall light,...

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  • Come scegliere il lampadario perfetto per ogni stanza
    January 24, 2023 OluxIlluminazione .

    How to choose the perfect chandelier for every room

    Size and style matter. When furnishing a house, one wonders for the details of the lighting, what dimensions and aesthetics are suitable for each environment. Because a chandelier for the dining room is certainly different from a table lamp in...

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  • 10 lampadari moderni che faranno brillare la tua casa
    January 12, 2023 OluxIlluminazione .

    10 modern chandeliers that will make your home sparkle

    Traditional or modern? Chandeliers are a focal point of the home. Both when they are illuminated and when they are switched off and show their design. Inserting a chandelier, rather than a simple lamp, can give a particular beauty to...

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