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Arredamento cucina: lampade moderne e tendenze 2018

Kitchen furniture: modern lamps and 2018 trends

Many trends, only one environment. How to furnish your kitchen with style and sophistication with modern lamps? To help us in this endeavor all the trends of this 2018 that we have brought together in a guide article that can help you choose the lighting accessories for the most important room in the house: the kitchen. Discover on Olux Illuminazione all the proposals of modern lamps to furnish your kitchen. modern-minimalist-kitchen-3098477_960_720

Trends 2018: how to furnish a kitchen with light

Light colours, white and the play of light are the absolute protagonists of this 2018, obtained from the right mix and match of lighting accessories. The kitchen is one of the liveliest areas of the house. The environment must be bright and sunny, comfortable and welcoming, both for those who live in the house every day and for those who are just guests. The light in this environment and in every corner is fundamental, it must be the absolute protagonist. We have already seen with the arrival of the new year that white is trendy. Along with the non-color color of all time appear natural materials such as wood saying goodbye to plastic and other synthetic materials. The kitchen of the present is naturalistic and eco-sustainable, therefore modern lamps cannot fail to adapt. As anticipated, the revelation comes from light, the absolute protagonist of the most lively and dynamic room in the house. chandelier-suspension-olux-lighting-vertigo-transparent-black

Modern kitchen chandeliers: the trends

Modern kitchen chandeliers are suspended, this seems to be a must rather than a trend. These are lighting accessories capable of uniformly illuminating the entire room, even better if directional and adjustable so as to have maximum efficiency and functionality. Yes to white combined with contemporary materials such as steel, but let's not forget the natural look that can be given by fabrics such as straw or rope. Transparencies once again appeal to those looking for design solutions and therefore, in addition to glass, it is possible to opt for methacrylate. suspension-olux-lighting-jok-modern-design-fume

Modern lamps: how to furnish the kitchen

Modern lamps represent the number one ally in the kitchen both for their design and for their innate functionality. Kitchen lights must be positioned in strategic points to allow for the most banal and daily operations in the kitchen. So pay attention to the hob and the dining table. For complete lighting , under-cabinet lights come to the rescue, able to highlight any worktop. The choice of strategically positioning LED spotlights is recommended.

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