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Arredamento funzionale: le plafoniere

Functional furnishings: the ceiling lights

The ceiling lights represent the emblem of functional furniture , they are lighting elements capable of enhancing any corner of the house with detail and precision. Discover on olux lighting the wide selection of ceiling lights and ceiling lights on our site and furnish your home with functionality and style. olux-roary-ceiling-light-modern-living-room-set

Ceiling lights: why choose them

Over the years, ceiling lights have acquired the consent of many to the point of becoming real indispensable elements for furnishing a home today. The design and style of these lighting accessories know no limits, they can be used as the dominant light point of a room or to create the perfect mix of combinations between several lighting accessories. Once you have chosen the environment in which the lamp will be placed, you can dedicate yourself entirely to designing the dimensions and style that the ceiling light will have. As anticipated, these are lighting accessories that have been very successful and therefore are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. One thing is certain, the functionality remains unchanged.

Ceiling lights: which ones to choose

Based on personal needs and tastes, it is possible to choose the ceiling lights suitable for every environment and every style. Glass and crystal ceiling lights are perfect for furnishings that recall tradition and classicism, however if the shape and lines remain essential, it is a material that blends perfectly with contemporary-inspired environments. The ceiling lights that have an aluminum or steel structure are perfect for modern living rooms and living areas furnished with a minimalistic design. For these environments we recommend chromed or satin steel to make the atmosphere vibrant and decisive. If, on the other hand, the vintage and slightly country charm is the protagonist of the furnishings, the choice will fall on ceiling lights characterized by details in wrought iron or burnished brass.

Ceiling lights: where to place them

Thanks to the versatility of these lighting elements, it is possible to exploit their functionality in every room of the house. In fact, it is possible to choose a ceiling lamp in a particularly small kitchen , so as not to suffocate the environment, or to insert it in the living area to give a sense of space and airiness to the environment. The ceiling light also finds an excellent placement in the bathroom , in the most private room of the house where relaxation and functional needs are the absolute protagonists. The bathroom ceiling lights are stylish lighting accessories that make the bathroom an environment with an original and unmistakable taste

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