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Arte contemporanea con Lampadari moderni

Contemporary art with modern chandeliers

Lighting is increasingly a fundamental factor in defining space, and for this reason we have been talking about light design for several years.

Beyond the performances that many artists perform with connected lights, shadows and sounds, even in our homes an artistic touch can come from some types of modern chandeliers .

In particular, when these are conceived as sculptures in light and glass, creating a unique suggestion in the shapes and in the diffusion of the light...

An exclusive collection of chandeliers

Our proposal combines the timeless beauty of glass with artistic forms that express the most current lines well, drawing inspiration from time to time both from geometric harmony and from the forms of contemporary art from the 1960s and 1970s.

As in the case of T-LIGHT 5 , the suspension lamp in milky white blown glass , with a black painted metal frame, detail in satin gold. A design that recalls the style of that decade, and that offers opaque blown glass as a precious touch to diffuse light in a suffused way.

A turn towards more contemporary and conceptual art , however, is found in the EasyLamp suspension chandeliers . Minimalist-inspired wires and bulbs, which give life to versatile, even decentralized lighting. EasyLamp can be mounted with various light points, on the ceiling or on the wall, with longer or shorter wires.

Always following the ideas of conceptual and even slightly "surrealist" art, some suspension lamps are proposed with a transparent glass that contains the bulb, with different versions both decentralized with several glasses, and with a single one.

Furthermore, there are chandeliers with old-style round glasses or square glasses, such as the Sunglass Campari chandelier .

Then, similar to contemporary art installations, there are suspended metal chandeliers, with only a light bulb at the end, adjustable arms with joints – almost forms between industrial design and artistic conceptual suggestions.

Like the Atom chandelier , which seems to "explode" from its centre, with a transparent power cord, and is reminiscent of a suspended atom.

Much closer to artistic creations for chandeliers, it is the model of the Girofix chandelier that can be applied to the wall, and which features transparent crystals of various colors, chrome finishes and a design full of plates, layers of lights and crystals...

Artistic chandeliers and furnishings

The choice is wide, therefore, but the important thing is to evaluate the type of furniture in which the artistic chandelier is to be inserted, and any works of art present - especially if it is a question of living rooms.

In fact, a chandelier inspired by more conceptual or minimalist contemporary art cannot be aesthetically pleasing in an environment with classic paintings, unless everything is set up for this "surprise" effect.

In the case of equally minimalist paintings and furnishings or abstract art, then the chandeliers can well give a useful reference to the whole style.

The presence of any bulky sculptures , period furniture , decorations on the walls should also be evaluated. In short, accessories that can create a visual and stylistic obstacle with the inspirations of contemporary art for the chosen chandeliers.

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