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Il rosso in casa. Lampade moderne "Natalizie"

Red at home. Modern "Christmas" lamps

Whether it's Christmas, or any other time of the year, red always has its charm and we at Olux Illuminazione know it well, who have been working in the sector for several years now. Red is one of the most chosen colors for furnishing and lighting accessories, certainly among these modern lamps. One of the favorite combinations of those who prefer contemporary, minimal and essential furnishings is precisely that of black and white with red details, which take the form of modern lamps or other furnishing accessories. We are also at Christmas, and it is useless to deny it, red is the color par excellence of this period. We at Olux Illuminazione have therefore thought of preparing a solution of modern lamps with a refined and made in Italy design in red, in order to satisfy everyone: for those who do not give up decorating their home with red during the holidays and for all those who love red regardless of the moment and the Christmas period. Joke, our quintessential lamp turns red permanently. You can find this variant of the collection throughout the year, even better if you take it now by taking advantage of a special price. suspension-olux-lighting-jok-modern-design-red-1 Rational, linear and absolutely new are the modern lamps of the Tubes collection. Red has been a very popular variant for some time. The shape that represents the essence of these lamps is highlighted even more by the vibrant and bright colours, including red. chandelier_suspension_modern_lampshade_fabric_olux_tubes_s3-45_1_2 Retro style and pleating, these are the unique characteristics of Bandaget, a collection of modern lamps that we also offer in red, a color that enhances the softness and reinterpretation of a classic geometry. olux_lighting_chandelier_modern_bandaget_fabric_pleated_60_red_1_1 Minimalist ideas and contemporary design, these are the two words that best characterize Roary, our collection of table lamps also available in our shop in red. Ideal for shopping and/or Christmas gifts. olux_illumination_table_lamp_lampshade_modern_fabric_t1_roary_red_2 And you, which one do you choose for your Christmas?

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