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Il sole in casa. La nostra proposta di lampade moderne

The sun at home. Our proposal of modern lamps

Yellow is the color of the sun. And what's more beautiful than having the sun at home? How, you might be wondering? Obviously with our modern yellow lamps designed for the best modern and contemporary furnishing solutions. Yellow is a very beautiful color , sunny indeed, but not always very easy to place within an already furnished environment. However, since they are modern lamps, they can easily be inserted into large and lively multicolour modern furnishings. But let's move on to our selection of modern lamps in the color of the sun. Let's start with the suspensions. The first modern lamps that we point out are those that are part of our timeless and famous Jok line. Lamp of elegant and modern design, Jok consists of a methacrylate dome, with details in chromed steel. Obviously, the yellow coloring could not be missing. suspension-olux-lighting-jok-modern-design-yellow_1 Let's stay on the subject of suspensions. This time we offer you our collection of modern Tubes lamps in their straw yellow colour, for those who love this color but still want to keep the environment discreet and sober. chandelier_suspension_modern_lampshade_fabric_olux_tubes_S3-45_paglino For an environment as close to natural as possible, we recommend Roary in its light jute version. A collection of modern design lamps which, in line with the return to minimalist ideals accomplished by contemporary design, stands out for its constitutive rigor and geometric elegance.
Even Mulino, our collection of modern ceiling lights intended for the living area, expresses all its beauty and functionality in the two-tone white/amber variant. The colors of this product, fresh and lively, blend perfectly with contemporary furnishings.
mill_ceiling light_olux_2v_white_amber
Even modern table lamps do not give up on color and it is thanks to Vertigo that the sun enters the sleeping area with refined elegance. This collection of lamps is characterized by the preciousness of the elements that compose it: the transparent and amber crystals create harmonious plays of light.

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