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Lampadari e sospensioni: lampade regine degli openspace

Chandeliers and suspensions: queen lamps of open spaces

The charm of the classic tradition that includes the presence of chandeliers and suspensions meets the extreme modernity of the large spaces that characterize the open spaces , from which a love story without equal is born. Find out on Olux Illuminazione how to furnish open spaces with style with the choice of modern chandeliers and made in Italy suspensions at the best prices on the market.

Modern chandeliers: how to place them in open spaces

The charm of the American style has been influencing our country for a while now, don't tell us you have never appreciated or imagined the unmistakable furnishings of American lofts that often appear in films or television series. Grunge, industrial but also elegant and refined. The truth is that American-style furniture is characterized above all by large spaces and refined but extremely functional furnishings. Speaking of furnishing accessories, these are essential in lofts and open spaces because they must be able to fully illuminate the large environment, which is why we offer you our modern chandeliers: they descend from the ceiling and properly illuminate the environment in question. olux-industrial-modern-cube-suspension-chandelier3 (1)

Modern chandeliers and suspensions: which ones to choose for an open space

Although there is no precise rule in choosing the lighting accessories for the furnishing of your open space, we have decided to give you some valuable advice in choosing the best modern chandeliers and suspensions suitable for every type of need. Regardless of the style chosen to furnish your open space, remember in any case that it is an extremely modern environment and as such requires minimal and essential lighting accessories. So for the moment it is advisable to abandon the idea of ​​crystal chandeliers or in any case with an extremely classic cut while not giving up the idea of ​​choosing lighting accessories with references to tradition. roary-slim-suspension-olux-ambient The trick to choosing the perfect modern chandelier for furnishing an open space is to know how to perfectly mix the styles chosen for the environment and its furnishings. Yes to dark chandeliers that stand out against rooms furnished with light accessories and vice versa. Yes also to suspensions with a clean cut. Yes to empty, geometric shapes inspired by the rationalist style of the 20s. Yes also to transparencies and references to everyday objects. suspension-atom-olux-lighting-18 And now, are you ready to furnish your open space with our modern lamps? We are waiting for you on our website for many made in Italy proposals.

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