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Lampadari moderni da ufficio

Modern office chandeliers

In a working environment, an attempt is often made to optimize the light effect, combining functional needs with the sometimes sophisticated design of some chandeliers.

You can choose classic lines, inspired by minimalist contemporary design, or a particular design.

It's always easier for office table lamps , which are also designed with crystals or retro shapes, usually having a brightness function closer to the PC.

In any case, the chandeliers for the office give a trendy touch to interior furnishings, filling the space without ever becoming too protagonists compared to the desks and meeting seats (chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs).

Above all, however, they are studied in terms of lighting technology: because reviving an office properly is not like giving a little light to the living room.

We need very precise beams of brightness , colors and intensities designed for a professional environment !

The best office lighting for productivity and well-being.

There are criteria for deciding how to illuminate an office environment, both to increase productivity and to stimulate the creativity and well-being of those who work.

These objectives may not contradict each other, given that an intermediate measure can be used between too artificial light sources and natural ones.

The type of light you are exposed to while working can affect your mood, but also your creativity and alertness. The right light bulb and the right office chandelier can help our brain perceive and function in a non-tiring but efficient way.

Office lighting specialists know that having lights around allows people to be more creative, thanks to the possibility of receiving the glow that makes one alert and energetic.

In that case, a modern office chandelier will need to have a wide range.

A table lamp, on the other hand, must avoid too dim lighting : it can strain the eyes and cause drowsiness.

Too intense a shine isn't good either, though. It could damage your eyes and trigger headache symptoms.

For this reason, table lamps in blown glass or with a fabric lampshade seem ideal for discrete irradiation.

LED lights in modern chandeliers

In recent years, LED lights have become an alternative to fluorescent lights. Both from an energy point of view and because they can give more benefits for office workers, in terms of health.

Those who stay up late in front of the PC could alter the wake-sleep cycle, and the LED lights allow them to be adjusted according to the time of day and the season: a suitable choice for well-being.

Clearly, the color and temperature of office lighting should vary according to the needs of the moment.

The function of the space must be taken into consideration when choosing warm lights that promote relaxation, or blue and white lights that are suitable for concentration .

Without exaggerating in intensity, which depends a lot on the source.

A pendant chandelier in the center of the office, illuminates the whole room with a diffused light, without giving a particular accent to one area.

Avoid excessive intensity, which is possible thanks to table lamps instead. In this case, even for a private desk, the light turns on a particular element or space.

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