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Lampadari Moderni: vivere Green

Modern Chandeliers: living Green

We speak more and more often of "living green" and in the broadest term of the word we refer to everything that is ethical, organic and green yes! Even in the design sector, green trends have become increasingly important over time: furnishing accessories, modern chandeliers and other home accessories to live according to the rules of nature even inside your own home. We too at Olux Illuminazione marry the idea of ​​living Green in our own way by making available to our customers a selection of modern chandeliers that are not necessarily green, but which perfectly marry the idea of ​​living green and therefore according to the rules of nature. Here are our 3 proposals. The first chandelier that we present to you is Mulino , the name alone, and so also the shape, already echoes the image of candor and purity typical of windmills and therefore of the countryside landscape. Mulino is a modern ceiling lamp ideal for those who want nature as the absolute protagonist in their own home. mill_ceiling light_olux_4v_white_green The art of recycling is part of those proposals promoted by lovers of green style. We have translated these ideals into design by creating modern chandeliers with a unique style , we are talking about the Sunglass collection : simple objects of our everyday life, such as glasses, become real design lamps with a suggestive and unexpected scenographic effect. olux_illumination_sunglass_martini_ceiling lamp_1l_3 Our latest proposal for a green style inside your homes concerns the categories of pendant lamps. We point out Jamby, a collection of modern chandeliers intended for indoor and outdoor spaces, versatile but extremely respectful of the ideals of nature that the product embodies. The collection is very broad, but our proposal in this case focuses on natural straw chandeliers with a weave that makes the overall look captivating and natural. modern_chandelier_straw_natural_olux_1 (1) We also remind you that the Olux Illuminazione website is constantly updated and therefore we invite you to visit it and look for the modern lamps and lighting accessories that best suit your decor. Light up your home with style with us and enjoy your shopping!

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