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Lampade da parete: i vantaggi

Wall lamps: the advantages

Among the lighting elements that are able to provide a strong personality to the rooms of the house, wall lamps stand out for their ability to give life to very particular plays of light. wall lamps When one thinks of wall lamps, the most immediate reference is the wall lights, with the atmospheres they manage to recreate: in fact, they are real furnishing elements, both when they have a modern style, like the wall light wall lamp Roller , with its design linked to the famous pop art, and when their style is classic, like that ofAgata , with its forged leaves and rust-coloured calla lilies.

Which wall lamps to choose?

In the vast sample of existing appliques, the so-called jewel appliques certainly stand out for their originality, which recreate truly fascinating plays of light on the wall: an example is our Lucciola, a jewel wall lamp which with its 126 crystals manages to release patterns of shapes and colors that are contemporary, above all by virtue of its geometries. wall lamps There are also models in frosted or opaque glass, which can be combined with metal appliques. The different stylistic experiments that can be obtained thanks to the various materials of the wall lamps derive not only from the materials, but also from the design and the type of light source. While halogen lamps provide a rather warm and intense light, it is above all with LED appliques that you are sure of obtaining very high energy savings, moreover accompanied by high color rendering indexes. When you need to obtain an adjustable light, wall lamps equipped with a flexible arm are preferable, which allow you to illuminate various points of the same environment in a very simple way: all you need to do is adjust the structure of the applique, to obtain the desired light.

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