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Lampade da terra: la magia nelle vostre case

Floor lamps: the magic in your homes

Today we talk about floor lamps: how they were conceived, what their purpose is and how to use them to make your furniture unique and welcoming.

Floor lamps were born as a complementary tool to the main lighting, intended above all for large rooms. In these cases, in fact, a single ceiling light could not illuminate everything.

The advantage of these floor lamps immediately struck the interior designers, furnishing accessories that take up very little space thanks to their slim shape but with a great visual impact, capable of significantly improving the overall appearance of an environment. In addition to being functional and aesthetic, floor lamps are versatile. In fact, their low weight allows them to be moved from one part of the house to another with extreme ease, a perfect solution for those who like to change the face of a given environment often. All these superlative characteristics that distinguish this lighting element have meant that over the years floor lamps have become a must in contemporary furnishings but not only. From simple lighting accessories, today these accessories are able to personalize a room making it more welcoming. The ideal position for a floor lamp is next to a sofa or near a table. These positions, in addition to having an impact from an aesthetic point of view, are also strategic from a more functional point of view. Think of those who love to read on the sofa or those who lean on the table to read documents, in both cases you will have the support of a floor lamp that will illuminate the area even more. Whatever your furnishing style , a floor lamp will only enrich it even more and make it unique. Given the importance of these furnishing accessories, Olux Illuminazione has decided to focus heavily on this solution by dealing with the production of very high quality floor lamps , at a truly competitive price on the market. In recent years, our company has become a leader in the sector of production and sale of exclusively Made in Italy design lamps, appreciated precisely for being able to offer lighting products on the market with the best quality/price ratio. Search on Olux Illuminazioni for the best floor lamps suitable for the style of your home and take advantage of the discounts in our store.

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