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Lampade moderne per un lusso essenziale

Modern lamps for essential luxury

Luxury within everyone's reach, this has always been the philosophy that accompanies our production and sale of modern and high quality made in Italy lamps. What happens when the word essential is added to the search for luxury? The truth is that in the popular imagination the word luxury is often associated with a lifestyle or trends made up of exaggerations and ostentation, we could say baroque. In reality, however, this is not always the case, on the contrary, especially in recent years, trends in furniture and lighting design have shown the opposite. Modern lamps , spotlights, table lamps and more generally furnishing accessories inspired by international trends have increasingly demonstrated how consumer research today is aimed at a more elegant, essential and discreet luxury. Starting from this assumption, lovers of luxurious style will be happy to know that, within their homes furnished in a contemporary way, they will be able to add furnishing and lighting accessories that are bearers of these values. An impossible feat? Absolutely not. We demonstrate it to you today by presenting you Cubo, a collection of modern lamps that represents the excellence of stylistic minimalism. 9113f5764e0f81bf369511a38bc14337 (1) Cubo is a collection of modern lamps made in Italy, produced and sold by our company. The goal of this collection was clear right from the start: to become a point of reference among the products dedicated to lovers of contemporary style. These lamps embrace the return to the minimalist ideals typical of contemporary furnishings and are distinguished by their constitutive rigor and geometric elegance. An elegant, sober and discreet luxury that manifests itself through the concreteness of the design and the formal meekness, precisely going to enhance the values ​​of essentiality. Cubo is on sale on Olux Illuminazione at the price of 128 euros. Ideal for furnishing living spaces, open spaces but also for the sleeping area. The product is made of metal with a black fabric cable available in matt black. Furnish your home with style, choose an Olux Illuminazione lamp. bc8ac4fa272f45024a4cb98817d4b924

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