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lampada da terra rossa

Red lamps, the warmth that envelops

The charm of the "red lights"? It is certainly not only associated with erotic passion. A lamp of this color has been very trendy for some years, to create a chromatic detachment in interior furnishings .

Since interior design has shown a trend with contrasting colors (like black and white), or neutrals (like in the Scandinavian style), a strong note like that of red becomes a focal point.

Especially in the case of red lamps : it's not a pouf or a sofa, but a light source!

Choose the color of the lamp: the red of energy and vitality

If the doubt is about the tone of the lighting, you must not only consider the intensity of the light but also the effects that a colored lampshade can give.

First of all, you have to consider the combination of colors of the furniture and walls , to understand how a lamp can complement or stand out.

It can harmoniously form part of the design, or be noticed with a "bold" presence, like that of a red lamp.

A lamp with a red lampshade looks good in a room, especially if the furniture is neutral or in stark contrast to this colour.

Having a bright red or deep red lamp adds a visual point of interest even if it's off. When lit, red can enliven any environment, make it more fun and lively.

If you choose a red lampshade you can give an energetic note to an otherwise monotonous space. This is especially true for an entryway, and even when choosing a red chandelier .

Lamps, chandeliers and sconces in red

The position of the lampshade must be another important point to evaluate, because it can stand out in a central area, or draw attention to a background wall.

A table lamp shade in the center of a desk is a far cry from a bedside lamp in the corner in the bedroom.
Even more if it is a floor lamp , which can reach a height of one and a half meters. In this case, the coloring really stands out and spreads the luminous glow with enveloping tones.

If you decide to create lighting with sconces on the walls , red can become a color that spreads a warm and vibrant atmosphere in the room.

Every light source, in fact, diffuses color in addition to the light. In the case of a red ceiling lamp, or a chandelier of this colour, the suggestion of the liveliest tone will come from above.

Visually, being dominated by a red and illuminated dot gives a special effect to the room. Particularly, if it's a question of red suspension chandeliers , which emanate an original light from the colored fabric, capable of making all the furniture revolve around it!

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