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Luci da bagno: come sceglierle

Bathroom lights: how to choose them

The right lighting in the home is essential to allow you to live in a functional way every home environment. This argument applies to all rooms, both in the bedroom and in the living area. The bathroom lights deserve a separate discussion as they have an aesthetic and decorative but above all functional purpose to allow those who live in the house, but also guests, to experience the environment with maximum comfort and to relax in a welcoming space . On Olux Illuminazione you will find many lighting proposals to furnish your bathroom with light.


How to choose bathroom lights

It seems easy but it is not, the choice of bathroom lights is made by assuming various factors, first of all their usefulness. The different and varied combination of different lights placed inside the bathroom room is the best solution. From the colours, to the position to the intensity, every light in the right place to create the right atmosphere even in the home bathroom. A practical and widespread example is to opt for a ceiling light or a ceiling lamp as the main light, then accompanied by spotlights to be placed near the mirror to have optimal lighting for make-up or beauty operations at any time of the day. day.

How to create the right atmosphere with bathroom lights

The bathroom certainly represents an environment used to perform primary functions but also to relax, take a hot bath and get back to new. It is also important to make it welcoming for all the guests who will use it when they come to your home. The right atmosphere can be created by giving a sensation of pleasure to the eye, ensuring that the light remains soft and never too aggressive. In this regard, think about the possibility of regulating the light or giving your guests the possibility of turning on only the main light and then turning on the spotlights for more detailed activities. As already mentioned, the ideal would be to opt for spotlights or ceiling lights as the main light so as to allow homogeneous lighting for the entire room and then enrich everything with spotlights to be placed perhaps near the mirror, the area most used for routine operations. Whatever choice you make, don't forget to personalize your bathroom just like the other rooms in the house. For you, carefully furnishing this room means creating a moment of intimacy and relaxation and a welcoming place for your guests. Attention to details, they are the ones that make the difference. We are waiting for you on Olux Illuminazione for many proposals for ceiling spotlights and ceiling lights for the lighting of your bathroom.

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