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Lampadari a sospensione in camera da letto

Offers modern chandeliers

Thinking of adding new chandeliers to your home?
If you want an original light point that follows the contemporary style but also knows how to evoke elegant shapes, then you can choose modern chandeliers . They show different design nuances and lighting possibilities, for every environment.

Modern means linear and functional design, not futuristic

When one wonders which light points to choose, it is good to clarify, in fact, that the so-called contemporary chandeliers are not modern.

Contemporary chandeliers are those that show unusual lines, shapes and innovative materials, which can often coexist only with super minimalist furniture or equally devoted to the latest design.
If your environment is elegant, with furnishings that are not classic but not too futuristic either, then a modern chandelier could be the right resource.

Modern chandeliers show clear lines, elegant design with few details and current materials already well tested by the market, such as metals, fabrics and plastics.

When choosing, it is important to evaluate how the chandelier adapts to the architecture and furniture, as well as the size of the room. As such, we know that an ultra-contemporary design is unlikely to be ideal for a modern home - let alone a period property.

A modern chandelier, on the other hand, can very well create the perfect middle ground. A break with the finishes of a few decades ago, appropriate for many Italian homes, without weighing them down with overly classic chandeliers.

Modern design chandeliers are more versatile

Some of the chandeliers that we present in our selection show a more traditional style, with better known finishes such as brass, nickel and bronze.
They are still inspired by the classic lines , to create an excellent link with the classic wooden furniture to which they add a modern elegance.

As for the Orbita transparent crystal chandelier model, inspired by cascading shapes, which were born in the 1940s and continued their success for decades.
Alternatively, the touch between classic and modern is the deco-inspired model of the Ricciolo suspension lamp with multicolor crystals ; an example of volutes and curves, reminiscent of classic chandeliers but renewed, with the insert of colored and transparent crystals.

Other models follow more furnishing trends, such as suspension lamps with steel wires or fabric texture, and light bulbs wedged between glasses.

One example is the Sunglass Campari chandelier , whose diffuser is a natural clear glass tumbler – it would be perfect for a cocktail, but it casts the luminous glow into your space!

Then there are versatile chandeliers , adaptable in "transitional" homes that have both modern and traditional influences.
For example, the Vertigo suspension and crystal chandelier model that creates suggestive spirals of light, from intertwined discs with modern lines; keeping asfour crystals as diffusers. A slightly retro impact, reminiscent of the sixties and seventies.

The offer on Olux chandeliers

On our e-shop portal, all the chandeliers are always on sale, with percentages that vary but are always advantageous if you want to change the light points in your environment.

Find modern chandeliers on offer both in suspension models and in types closer to the classic style.

You can buy them online safely and quickly; browsing through the proposals with the peace of mind of always finding the cost in promotion, on each type.

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