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Produzione e personalizzazione di Paralumi

Production and customization of lampshades

Speaking of customization, over the years, thanks to the experience we have acquired, we have understood the importance of originality within a quality production. More and more, in fact, the need of customers on the design market has concretely manifested itself through the search for personalized lighting accessories and lampshades.
The intent of Olux Illuminazione has always been to meet the needs of customers from all points of view to always offer quality products at a competitive and accessible price compared to our competitors. The result? Years and years of work and great satisfaction in the production and sale of lighting accessories. However, we never get tired, and that's why we decided to tell you about our factory service and production of lampshades. This is an option that we have been putting on the market for some time to meet every customer request and need. Indeed, thanks to a competent and professional staff, we can produce lampshades on request, whether it is a single piece or an entire collection. From the choice of the design to the fabrics and colors, Olux Illuminazione can customize and fulfill every customer request by providing the utmost professionalism of our professionals and the quality of the materials that have always distinguished our modern lamps. We have decided to make this service known to all customers who have placed their trust in us for years for the purchase of modern lamps, suspensions, appliques, table lamps and all the lighting accessories on our site. However, to offer a more complete service and to give anyone the opportunity to have exclusive and personalized furniture in their own home, it is possible to contact our lampshade factory to have a design lamp of absolutely unique quality. For example, if you have a ready-made drawing or a specific request, all you have to do is contact us and present the project to us, we will take care of giving shape to your ideas. If, on the other hand, you don't have the design in mind, we will put you in touch with our experts who will offer you tailor-made solutions to satisfy all your requests. Olux Lighting brings style to life, yours!

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