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Regali di Natale su Olux Illuminazione

Christmas gifts on Olux Lighting

Christmas is just around the corner, and saying goodbye to the month of November we have decided to draw up a wishlist of Christmas gifts for all our customers. In fact, don't you think that giving away modern lighting accessories can be a highly original and particularly welcome gift? Whether it's modern lamps or table lamps , on Olux Lighting you can choose the piece of furniture you like best on our store and pack it for friends and relatives under the tree. Ready to know our selection for this Christmas 2016? christmas-gifts1 In this selection we have excluded modern chandeliers and suspensions and not because we think they do not represent a welcome gift, on the contrary, but we recommend that you consider these lighting accessories as gifts under the strict supervision of the recipient. In fact, these are lighting elements with a great aesthetic impact, capable of giving a new face to an environment and therefore, if you think that your best friend or relative needs a new chandelier, let him take a look at the category dedicated to chandeliers and suspensions and let him choose his favorite, we'll take care of the rest. Now let's go instead to analyze the wishlist that we have prepared for you and let's start with table lamps , versatile and functional lighting accessories capable of making an environment more welcoming and comfortable. For Christmas, give Ricciolo , a table lamp designed to transform even the smallest room into a suggestive fairy-tale atmosphere. A lamp characterized by extreme stylistic and formal elegance evidently inspired by the fairy tale Goldilocks. Intended for extremely modern environments but with attention to every detail, there is Bugola, a table lamp that is configured as a perfect gift idea for those who love to furnish their rooms with extremely sophisticated but free from frills lighting accessories. Now let's move on to the floor lamps. Bulkier than the first, these are a perfect gift for friends and relatives who have expressed a desire for something new for their home. Although they are larger and more visible than the first ones, their versatility and the possibility of moving them from one space to another, characterizing the environments, distinguishes them as perfect gifts. Recommended for those who quickly get bored of the same environment and love to always give new perspectives to an environment. In fact, with our floor lamps you can recreate new atmospheres from time to time even in different rooms. Let's move on to Yaya , a floor lamp (which can also be used as a table lamp), an ideal gift for all those who want to furnish their home with simplicity but without giving up the refinement of a design designed to amaze. Yaya is the egg-shaped floor or table lamp made of blown glass. Finally we talk about Otex , a minimal, versatile and original floor lamp . It is the perfect gift for anyone looking for a playful and absolutely new way to furnish their rooms with liveliness.

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