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Roary Slim: lampadario moderno del mese

Roary Slim: modern chandelier of the month

It will be the coming spring, it will be the search for a formal elegance wanted at all costs even in the furnishings, because then we know that a house reflects those who live in it, but this month, the lamp of your choice is Roary Slim!

roary-slim-suspension-olux-ambient_10 Roary Slim is a modern made in Italy chandelier with a biting charm. Created directly in our design workshops, this collection of lamps has been imagined in line with the return to minimalist ideals accomplished by contemporary design. In this product the constitutive rigor and geometric elegance are the masters. Its name was thought to tell its story: from the English roar (roar), the lamp in fact refers to a movement of revolt typical of a suffering generation fighting for its future. Paradoxical, it would seem, compared to its calm form and free from excesses, the content expresses the image of a lamp with a rebellious character. Roary Slim is an ideal lamp for homes with a strong personality and avant-garde furnishings. However, its innate essentialism makes it a solution of formal elegance that could upset tradition within a richer and more elaborate decor. Roary is a versatile and graceful lamp, able to literally and visually lighten the surrounding space. It was designed in different versions of size and color, is that why Italians like it so much? Meanwhile, given the seasonality, we offer you our Roary Slim in the white, lilac and acid green versions... and which one do you prefer?

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