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Applique Shabby chic. La tendenza del mese

Shabby chic applique. The trend of the month

Bedroom or living room dedicated to relaxation, these are personal comfort zones that require particular care and attention in furnishing. The furnishing accessories must reflect personal tastes, no less are the furnishing accessories. And if someone likes the romantic atmosphere? Don't worry, there are shabby chic appliques. olux_lighting_modern_applique_bandaget_pleated_fabric_beige_1 The shabby chic style is a trend that has really conquered many people in recent years who have chosen to opt for more or less important details or furnishing accessories to furnish the rooms. The lighting accessories have not been overlooked and one of the most popular is certainly the wall light. The pastel shades, the romantic shapes, the apparently decadent but highly sought-after style have also transformed the way of doing lighting design, it is according to these canons that the best shabby chic appliques have been created. The soft and delicate lines mean that these lighting accessories are chosen by many people to furnish the bedroom, the most personal corner of the entire home. In this context, the shabby chic applique can become an important and isolated detail of the entire decor or be accompanied by romantic style furnishings in pastel colors. The shabby chic wall light is configured as an elegant and romantic decorative accessory characterized by pastel and soft colours. The color white in this case, and its delicate nuances such as ivory tones, are the masters. Wood, or fake wood in this case represents the maximum of this style often accompanied by wrought iron details and floral or intertwined motifs. In short, there is no doubt, in the bedroom a shabby chic wall lamp cannot create the romantic atmosphere par excellence. clusia-wall-olux-white-2 The shabby chic style also fits perfectly with living areas. For example, if you are furnishing your living room or want to make some changes, the decision to introduce a shabby chic wall light into the room will prove successful thanks to the possibility of recreating refined and captivating atmospheres. Pay attention to the positioning, look for the most strategic points to place your wall light and remember, even if it is a decorative design element it is above all a very functional lighting accessory. You just have to connect to our site and choose from our proposals which is the shabby chic wall light that best suits your needs.

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