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Lampadari moderni: tendenze del 2023

Modern chandeliers: trends of 2023

The lighting trends this year follow the furnishings but also the basic idea of ​​lighting design: a chandelier is increasingly a symbol of one's style. Not just a practical component of the home, but a way of expressing the personality of the home.
Because the practical part is increasingly devoted to finding energy-saving solutions with light bulbs. Modern chandeliers and suspensions, on the other hand, are now free to range in shape!

Fashion and lighting: eclectic points of light at every height

chandelier mount

The lighting trends that lie ahead for 2023 include various proposals suitable for various environments.

  • Large and powerful chandeliers . Their "oversized" impact adds a scenographic touch to the main room - usually the living room or sitting room. Create a big impact, while dimming other rooms and saving on lighting. Ideal for those who want to create an atmosphere with multiple hanging lights or sparkling crystals: a magical and surprising space. A pendant and drooping chandelier represents the trendiest version of this fashion, even in confined spaces. And there is light!
  • Applique on plasterboard or walls . A classic from the 90s is back, which exploits the whiteness effect for a clean, soft but not weak light. The appliques adapt perfectly to any environment, with diversified shapes for bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges and living rooms. They are designed as applicable (applique!), both to classic furnishings and in modern contexts, with a versatile look based on the shapes. They also spread to outdoor veranda structures, with the right systems...
  • Pendant lighting. This design style endures, bringing light suspended above tables and kitchen islands. Appreciated for the clear effect of the light point, it becomes interesting with the translucent effects in colored or satin lampshades – excellent for matching kitchen finishes. In other cases, the airy and minimalist style can better coordinate with contemporary furniture. When displaying a metal and glass design, pendant lights integrate with trendy eclectic decorations (concrete, metal, chrome, etc.).
  • Eclectic style that mixes light points . Let's go back to this 2023 furnishing trend, the mix of lamps, suspensions and appliques for "layered" lighting. The trend is to design a space with a variety of styles, which leads to modulating the powers, shapes and heights of the light sources, which are always different. You can combine a floor lamp with table lamps, recessed lights and sconces, and perhaps a minimalist suspension. All solutions to give a large dimension to the space: the depth is created by the light.
    floor lamp in the living room
  • Original table lamps. The return of the classic desk lamps is updated with personalized light points. Custom painted lamps, with crystals or special shapes (round, oval, spherical, made from transparent glasses or vintage curls). These portable pieces are an "outlet" of creativity in the home,
  • Fabric chandelier: the natural look of this material is one of the green trends of the moment. A fabric chandelier doesn't necessarily have to be "neutral", but it can be customized with different colors, to successfully integrate it into the home decor. In any case, it is designed to enhance the natural effect of the furnishing materials, with lighting that reflects an informal atmosphere, with a modern (beyond vintage) boho touch.

Chandeliers 2023, furnishing style and energy efficiency

ceiling light fixture

The technical note is represented by the growing use of LED lighting. An energy efficient solution, which also offers the flexibility of application on different light points. In particular, for indirect lighting : lamps positioned to create a diffused and reflective light source. As with the appliques, the source of light emission is hardly noticeable, but only the light reflected on the walls and ceiling.

An LED bulb for indirect light allows you to design a space in a creative way, always with an eye to saving energy. Progressively abandoning the visible Edison bulb, with incandescent filaments.

The 2023 collection of Olux chandeliers

The line proposed for this year includes modern chandeliers both with historical models and with innovations due to the 2023 style.

You will find solutions for colored or classic chandeliers and suspensions, in particular by following the 2023 trend for fabric chandeliers and large scenographic chandeliers. There is no shortage of appliques, table and floor lamps, as possible complements of a complete lighting system for every room in the house.

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