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Black and White per un arredamento moderno e di stile

Black and White for a modern and stylish decor

We have always admitted that we are avid fans of modern furnishings , that we are leaders in the production and sale of modern lamps and recessed spotlights you know it. You may be wondering what the connection between the two things is, we will explain it to you right away. The topic we want to discuss today concerns modern black and white style furniture, an evergreen proposal that always has its charm. In this case, which lighting accessory is best suited to this style? Recessed spotlights of course, even better if led. Furniture-black-white-carpet-rhombuses The black and white combination has always been synonymous with elegance and although in this case it marries perfectly with an essential style characterized by modern minimalism, it gives an unmistakable style with a great visual impact. If you like this combination, you just have to proceed with the purchase of black and white furnishing accessories to personalize all the rooms in your home. Here are some practical tips: How to furnish an environment in black and white style without creating confusion? In reality, there is no need to worry about this, since it is a combination, the confusing effect is at minimal risk. However, if you are a lover of precision and perfection, our advice is to opt for the choice of large furnishing accessories in one color and small ones in the other, in this way even the black/white contrast will be perfect. Here is a practical example referring to an open space: Black kitchenette, kitchen furniture, table, sofa and wall unit, accessories and small white furnishings. Wenge wood is usually recommended for furniture, particularly dark and very close to black The wow effect is guaranteed. black-white-hotel-furniture In reality, the choice of black and white style furniture always proves to be a winner, even if, precisely because of this, many people decide to furnish their spaces in this way, so you will have to be creative and imaginative in order not to fall into banality and be equal to others. For example, what makes the difference in black and white furnishings is light. In the introduction of this article we told you about recessed spotlights and LED spotlights, not by chance. We know well how these lighting accessories can be truly discreet and versatile, but if necessary they are able to recreate fantastic and suggestive atmospheres. All you have to do is look for the recessed spotlights you like best, you can choose them by size and color and opt for the normal ones or the LED spotlights. After that, you just have to place them in strategic points of the environment to support the main light so as to highlight certain areas of the room. And then your black and white furniture, enriched by the play of light and shadow of the lighting, will have a completely different style!

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