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Come abbinare il lampadario al resto dell'arredamento

How to combine the chandelier with the rest of the furniture

If you want to add a special touch to your lighting, a chandelier is the last word in style. The final touch that can be glamorous, if you wish, or integrate discreetly into your decor.

A modern chandelier and your space, combine them to the fullest.

Modern chandelier in the living room

A well-defined light point is not just a visual resource. The chandelier defines and completes the space, while illuminating it. It makes a very visible style statement, as it becomes a focal point of the room where it is placed.

A chandelier is functional, aesthetically relevant and fascinating at the same time. same time. Does it apply to all chandeliers? No, you have to insert the right one for the house and the environment for which it is intended. It should fit your decor style and speak to your personality, flawlessly.

Modern chandeliers and furniture style

The chandelier you choose must be perfect for the home furnishing style, without looking excessively at the cost. Chandeliers represent a small investment, as they can last a lifetime - if they are classic or if you want to keep a style that maybe will become vintage!

Chandelier with glass globes : if your furniture is modern, it represents a simple and elegant point of light for many environments. Soft and discreet with the right bulb, even in the bedroom.

Crystal Chandelier: If classic 'luxury' style is what you have in mind, you can't go wrong in your living room or bedroom with this elegant beauty. Amazing light effects with colored crystals.

Design pendant light : perfect if you choose a vertical shape, which diffuses the light in a clear and capacious way. It would look great in a double height space, such as a stairwell.

Colored chandelier : if the decor is trendy and youthful, a brightly colored geometric light point is well suited. The choice is vast between round, square, cylindrical fabric chandeliers...

Sputnik chandelier: the expansion of the arms in every direction expands the light to the maximum, like an exploding "atom". Perfect for an industrial, eclectic design furniture, ideal in the living room.

Glass Chandelier: Lighting is created from glasses that contain light bulbs. An original and fashionable lighting group, adjustable as desired in the furnishing of living rooms and minimalist kitchens.

Top or bottom lights for decor?

Chandelier in the living room

Another aspect to consider is the height of the light point.

  • If the chandelier has the lights pointing up , you will get a soft mood light. The light reverberates on the ceiling and does not cast shadows in the room, with extended lighting suitable for reception areas (entrances, lounges, kitchens, etc.)
  • If the lights are pointing down, they will cast individual beams of light and shadow which will blend into the floor. By using a large number of bulbs, interesting lighting can be created: the underlying circle of light will be uniform and localized in some places. Suitable for more intimate environments such as bedrooms and bathrooms, or living rooms with particular light effects.
  • Use LED lights or other energy efficient solutions where possible.

Olux chandeliers

In our proposals, you will find every model of modern chandelier that we have mentioned - as well as other types suitable for different spaces in the house.

In particular, the many versions in crystal, glass or fabric allow the light to be modulated according to lighting needs. For entrances, bedrooms, modern living rooms and classic living rooms.

In particular, we highlight our famous crystal chandeliers. They feature small prisms hanging around the central lamp, with a high power to refract light and project it in different directions. A modern chandelier with a retro look , to combine two styles in a sparkling piece of furniture that will be the centerpiece of the room!

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