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Lampadari moderni per cucina

Modern chandeliers for the kitchen

Whether you're cooking or setting the table for lunch or just heating up some snacks in the microwave, the kitchen becomes the most important room in the house. Here families gather, prepare food and share stories, here you have breakfast and check the news... in short, a place where light is essential. For this reason, it is important to choose a chandelier that is suitable for the kitchen in terms of style and, above all, in terms of adequate lighting.

Light points and chandeliers for the kitchen area

Whatever the furniture, from the industrial kitchen to the Provençal one, the chandeliers for the kitchen must have a design that fits perfectly and, at the same time, creates useful points of light. When choosing chandeliers, suspension ones are generally preferred, which manage to give different points. The suspension chandelier is usually formed by a metal structure and various branches in transparent glass, in the trendy models these are glass shapes, which create "spots" of diffused light in several points. This allows for homogeneous lighting in different parts of the kitchen, from the stove to the table, if the suspension is positioned in the best possible way. Alternatively, you can choose modern chandeliers with geometric shapes and strong colors that adapt to the style of the kitchen furniture. We know that the kitchen is designed with a functional mindset – every element in the room has a distinct purpose and there needs to be practicality as well as beauty. False ceilings must be easy to clean, appliances must be reliable, shelves and furniture must provide ample space to insert objects, and also be resistant to continuous stress. Kitchen lighting is one of the few components with which you can have creative fun… so why not take advantage of it?

Color and light in the modern kitchen

Modern and "flamboyant" chandeliers will immediately become the center of attention, both in terms of shape and light. For this, you can place a chandelier to create a strong visual focal point and provide balance and symmetry to the kitchen. You can play with metal finishes, antiqued or polished, perhaps with end caps. The dome shape is useful for diffusing light, and can adapt to many colors through the processing of transparent Plexiglas (blue, red, purple, yellow, etc.). Dome or globe chandeliers also work in minimal modern kitchen projects, they give a playful geometry to a kitchen that is otherwise too rigid in shape, especially if it is made of stainless steel. For those who want to liven up the visual space, it is also possible to insert color with colored fabrics in the lampshade chandelier model, but in the kitchen you have to be careful of flammable fabrics! A chandelier is also able to bring elegance to a practical space such as the kitchen, and for this reason glamorous models can also be inserted; hanging one adds sophistication and style to a space that might otherwise feel too sterile. The white furniture, for example, is particularly enhanced by an artistic glass chandelier with crystal inserts.

Style contrasts

olux cily chandelier lighting

Creating an eclectic, layered look for the kitchen can incorporate multiple design styles and give a “shock” effect that makes this space even more interesting. For example, you can place a glamorous modern chandelier above a neutral-style minimalist kitchen island. A small chandelier with black or metallic shades contrasts and softens the effects of the style of a Provencal kitchen painted in white. If your kitchen has a classic wood look, a crystal chandelier can add a touch of sophistication to balance out the rustic design. Don't want to block the view with a kitchen chandelier because the ceiling is low? Consider a ceiling lamp , or light points above the sink or on the stove, to add a little charm and light at least in the area where you are increasingly active!

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