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lampadario moderno in una stanza

Modern chandeliers for bedrooms

For your night shelter or rest, it is essential to choose a suitable lighting system. A simple sleeping space can become a welcoming and refined environment, with the lighting and style of a chandelier.

Which type to choose?

There are many solutions for chandeliers for the bedroom , but certainly for a contemporary furnishing it is necessary to think of particular models. Let's see some ideas...

Crystals or baroque lines: sumptuous and luminous bedroom chandeliers.

These models rich in decorations or shapes can be suitable to stand out on the minimalism of the furniture lines. A contrast that makes the chandelier the center of the room, not only in terms of light but also in terms of style in the upper part.

Often the chandeliers commonly considered an element to stand out in shared rooms (living room, living room, entrances). In fact, there's no reason why your bedroom doesn't deserve a similar “exploit” of light and design.

Some models could be inspired by the vintage of crystals, such as our Diamante chandelier with crystal diffuser. In this case, models rich in volutes, decorations and perhaps with colored crystals can also be preferred. For a truly sparkling and almost hypnotic focal point of the room!

This option is very popular, because we know that one of the ways to create a stylish bedroom is to keep it classic. A crystal chandelier is one of the lighting ideas that showcase their function of diffusing light, but also aesthetic benefits.

Crystals can refract light and increase the impact of lighting, with a style considered "glamorous" for the bedroom, which however is not afraid of changes. Crystals are now a timeless design, also useful when you want to renovate the furniture.

Other models can be chosen for their unusual and showy shapes, such as the sinuous Brugola chandelier . The painted steel structure shows curved bands with a wood effect, realistic and useful for those looking to combine the bedroom chandelier with oak or wenge furnishings.

There will be less ambient glare, but the design will be more refined – it also applies to those who choose modern chandeliers with fabric diffusers, for a bedroom that is not too demanding.

The lighting in sight: chandeliers for the minimalist bedroom

On the contrary, to tone down the tones of a decor that doesn't want to be noticed but just relax, these modern and simple chandeliers can be useful.

They are characterized by minimal cage structures and single bulbs, sometimes, as is the case with the lighting of our Cube chandelier . The metal suspension is supported by a particular fabric cable, which makes a style detail that can be combined with the fabrics of the bed or curtains.

An even more linear and contemporary design is that of the suspensions... almost without a diffuser. Multiple bulbs hang from the ceiling, for an off-centre and tweakable diffusion, and the only cladding is the clear glass tumbler-shaped diffuser – as in our Sunglass Mojito chandelier .

It is perfect for a minimalist design as an element that maintains the style, plus it gives perfect and clear lighting.

Chandeliers for a room between art and design

Other models of modern chandeliers for the bedroom are the pendant ones with spherical blown glass diffusers . Very popular in the middle of the last century, these light sources have made a comeback for a linear style, often in a neutral milky white colour.
Like our 5-bulb T-Light chandelier – popular for both bedrooms and living rooms.

For a contemporary room, usually, the chandelier integrates perfectly with the furniture. Therefore, for those who choose an atmosphere inspired by the sixties and seventies , these models give a particular touch, and can be integrated with the wall lighting of other bulbs or floor lamps.

A particular typology is the model called "Sputnik" , inspired by the space race of the twentieth century. This type of chandelier, which recalls the first satellite in orbit around the Earth, is also inspired in its shape by research on the atom.

In short, a particular setting for a modern or contemporary bedroom furniture, made up of globe bulbs and straight arms . In our catalog of modern chandeliers we show an Atom 80 model which also has adjustable arms via a joint.

For those who want a creative and artistic effect, colored bulbs can be mounted on the chandelier. It's an opportunity to express your style and create a unique space!

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