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Lampade Moderne: il fascino del rosso

Modern lamps: the charm of red

There are no doubts, red is officially the color of 2018. If you are furnishing your home or are looking for modern solutions to give new vitality to your rooms, you cannot fail to buy at least one red-colored piece of furniture. Red and its shades are very fascinating, we at Olux Illuminazione know it well and that is why we offer a wide selection of modern red lamps that can be purchased on our online shop. Why buy red modern lamps? Because it is the color of passion, of love and is also the absolute trend for next year. otex_floor_lamp_modern_floor lamp_olux_lighting_1_1_1_1_1_1_2

Red lamps: modern reflections

We've already said it, lighting makes a home welcoming and original. It is thanks to light, which takes the form of real design objects, that every room in the house is characterized. The suggestions and emotions that one feels while living in a room are also and above all given by the light that makes every corner of the house vibrant and welcoming . The energy of red is undisputed, the reflections of light become modern, enhanced by the color of passion and the color palette that gives life to modern lamps. Red is a widely used color in interior design, both for extremely contemporary spaces and for those that reflect tradition. If you want to insert this color with discretion, you can opt for a red lighting accessory : modern table or suspension lamps, or even floor lamps and floor lamps. In this case , red can be inserted into an already furnished context without invading the living room. With a modern suspension or with a red ceiling light, everything will remain unchanged except that it will be even more pleasant to raise your head and notice a design object that decorates the ceiling and also performs an excellent function, that of lighting. So even with the inclusion of floor lamps and red table lamps to enhance certain corners of an environment, your home will take on a completely different look. chandelier_suspension_modern_lampshade_fabric_olux_tubes_s3-45_3_2 Red lamps: how to decorate your home As anticipated, modern red lamps can be contextualized in any environment: living area, sleeping area and even bathroom . If you love red and/or want to adapt to next year's trends, you can opt for a lighting accessory in this colour. ON Olux Lighting there is a huge selection of modern red lamps divided into categories. You just have to choose the lighting accessory that best suits your needs and furnish your home with style. olux_illumination_table_lamp_lampshade_modern_fabric_t1_roary_red_2

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