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Piantane da salotto: arredare con eleganza la zona living

Living room floor lamps: elegantly furnish the living area

It is possible to furnish the living area in grand style, the floor lamps are perfectly suited for this mission, giving the living room a suggestive and radiant atmosphere that only these furnishing accessories are able to give. Modern, contemporary, retro and classic: discover our selection of floor lamps to furnish the living area with style and functionality. olux-iluminazione-circles-floor lamp_1

Living room floor lamps: style and functionality

Effects of light and shadows reign inside the living area , making it by far the most evocative and sought-after room in the house. In this context, the living room floor lamps become real decorative elements which, however, do not forget their primary function: to illuminate. A harmony of decorations that is emphasized by the right light: the floor lamp fits perfectly into a living room furniture in a functional way. Whether you prefer the essential and modern style or the one more linked to tradition, the important thing is to insert the chosen lamp evenly within the environment.

Living room floor lamps: how to furnish a living area

The living room floor lamp proves to be a perfect lighting accessory to enhance a corner or a specific area of ​​the room. It is usually chosen to support a main light which can be a suspension but also ceiling spotlights. Its presence can be used to recreate a comfort zone with an authentic and elegant flavor such as a reading area where the lamp is placed near an armchair or sofa. Or again, you can choose to place it near the equipped wall or near one or more paintings, to illuminate a precious area that would not have the right value. Once the placement area has been chosen, it is time to give vent to creativity with the choice of material, shapes and color. Whatever your need in terms of taste, always remember to make sure that the living room floor lamp fits into the context in a discreet and soft way to recreate an elegant and suggestive setting from a thousand and one nights.

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