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Primavera: arredare con le luci

Spring: decorate with lights

The most awaited season of the year brings with it the desire for changes, including those relating to home furnishings . In particular, with the arrival of Spring many people feel the need to color and illuminate every room in the house in a dynamic and lively way and what better occasion than this to redo the look of the lights in the house? On Olux Illuminazione, many lighting accessories to illuminate environments with style in every season. indoors-3101776_960_720

Spring: illuminate with style and colour

When it comes to furniture, there is only one watchword: style. However, in the case of spring changes we must inevitably add the word color , only with the lively shades that characterize this season could we in fact have a perfect home for this occasion. Choosing the right light is a first step towards change. Even in Spring, lighting plays a fundamental role. The days are getting longer and therefore you will also be able to enjoy the natural light of the sun but never without that of our lamps which perform their function during the activities to be carried out at home. Sconces, suspensions and floor lamps, the lighting accessories become elements of home decor that enrich the rooms with their spring nuances. Our advice? Choose vibrant colors that match the style of your home and create an eye-catching effect. Instead, indulge yourself with style and shapes: soft and rounded lines for a more romantic and vintage spring, geometric essentialisms instead for those who have a home with a sprint soul.

Mill and a light: applique

If you are looking for a solution to give new light to your thing this spring without distorting the current look of the environment, the solution that's right for you has only one name: applique. These are extremely functional lighting accessories chosen to give life to domestic walls without invading the field of vision. The appliques are able to transform the environment in a simple and harmonious way without contrasts, providing all the light you need. It can also be used as a secondary or backup light to mix and match on certain occasions. d24c8fee69133bf10466044ea446467a

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