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Urban Jungle: come arredare casa dalla A alla Z

Urban Jungle: how to furnish your home from A to Z

It's called Urban Jungle and it's the absolute trend of the moment: wallpapers, paintings with leaves and a verdant color environment. In short, a real contemporary jungle to be recreated at home with the choice of the right furnishing accessories. In this trend, where to place modern lamps ? We explain it to you in this article. modern_chandelier_straw_natural_olux_1 Urban Jungle: how to furnish your home Amazon forest-style furnishings are a must, the wild and indomitable nature that we have all always seen on TV or in the cinema arrives inside our homes with furnishing accessories and details that make the difference. Green is the protagonist color, however it is not uncommon to find mix and match with white, pink and other colorful nuances, after all, just think of all the animals that inhabit the forest. We are inclined towards big changes, in fact there are those who have chosen an urban jungle style forever or almost forever, furnishing the entire house with jungle furnishing accessories. Who, on the other hand, has not dared so much by opting only for details in this style and small decorative elements. One thing is certain, this style has discarded plastic and synthetic to favor the choice of ecological and natural materials.

Urban Jungle furniture: which lamps to choose

If you have decided to transform your furniture or adapt it to one of the most fascinating styles ever, you will probably have to take some precautions also with regard to lighting accessories. Choosing lamps for your own thing can be challenging, above all because they are real furnishing accessories that remain over time. So if you have decided to overturn your decor in favor of the jungle trend, you will be pleased to know that some of our lamps go perfectly with this style but not only that, their versatility will allow you to keep them at home even when you want to change style to the furniture. roary-slim-suspension-olux-48f-acid-green An appropriate choice is the one that takes into account the color, a green or natural wood-colored lamp fits perfectly in an urban jungle context but also in a naturalistic and ecological environment. If green can be too much, the choice can fall on lighting accessories in neutral tones such as beige or straw yellow, colors that contextualize within an urban jungle decor. Finally, a lamp with a straw diffuser can prove to be a winning choice for recreating a jungle environment in a naturalistic style.

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