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Arredare un'ambiente con complementi classici e moderni

Furnishing an environment with classic and modern accessories

Furnishing is known, it's not child's play and eclectics know it very well. Let's talk today about all those people who choose to furnish their home in a contemporary style but who remain subject to the charm of classicism and vice versa. So what to do? Do you want to give up on classic or modern furniture forever? Modern lamps in this case are very helpful especially to those who have decided to furnish an environment in a traditional and classic style but also vice versa. In fact, being modern lamps absolutely versatile, design and functional elements, they can represent the reversal of a furnishing trend and represent the junction point between two apparently opposite styles. Modern lamps are a must in contemporary and minimal environments, but what happens when we enter the home of a history and classicism enthusiast? In this case, the choice of modern lamps that recall traditional shapes and models reinterpreted according to contemporary style and new trends can help. olux_illumination_sunglass_mojito_suspension_7ld_1 If the house is characterized by a classic and traditionalist one, you can decide to break the mold of furniture with the choice of a modern lamp with simple features and perhaps with Nordic inspirations, the visual effect will certainly be WOW. If, on the other hand, you have opted for contemporary furnishings and you don't want modern lamps as a lighting accessory, you can easily choose more classic light points. Whether they are pendant or wall lamps, these will stand out as classic pills in contemporary environments. Also in this case, the environment will be characterized by a great visual impact. If, on the other hand, you want to mix contemporary and classic furnishing elements, let yourself be inspired by vintage trends and looking for the right balance between all the chosen accessories. The important thing is to furnish yours with style.

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