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Case moderne - Come illuminare con i Lampadari moderni

Modern homes - How to illuminate with modern chandeliers

Lighting in any environment is an essential factor, as it greatly affects the internal appearance of the room, its perception and the visual comfort of those who live there.
Not to mention that the chandelier gives central lighting, and aesthetically it can be an essential focal point.

These factors make it very important to choose the right type of modern chandeliers that are suitable for the rooms in your environment.

There are different shapes and designs to choose from, among the various types of modern chandelier, one could say for every style preference… and every mood!

Crystal chandeliers

In most cases, when one thinks of a classic chandelier, it is associated with crystal drops. Even modern chandeliers can bring this material back in a new form, to give an elegant touch to the interior.

Yes, because originally the crystal chandeliers were those housed in large buildings with sumptuous staircases, double-height corridors, fine furnishings.
Today, modern crystal chandeliers are available in lighter, even more fun versions , to suit contemporary homes and tight budgets.

Modern crystal chandeliers come in various shapes and sizes, and are recommended in a home with a formal design and some classic furnishings . However, in some cases, a “creative” crystal chandelier could have a contrasting effect in minimalist designed interiors .

Not only the chandeliers but also the crystals vary in color, size , design - from spherical circles to flat circles, to squares - as in the Brat transparent crystal chandelier .

The glass crystals incorporated in a chandelier illuminate the room by reflecting light and for this reason it should theoretically be suspended in the center of the ceiling, where it can receive due appreciation.

Metal chandeliers

The best-known modern chandeliers are precisely those in metal – a material that is slowly spreading in the world of design, from home accessories to lighting. A chandelier decorated in silver, aluminum or polished copper, have a particularly attractive appearance, thanks to the light reflecting off the metal.

Metal chandeliers are polished to make the surface more reflective : often those with chrome finishes are excellent for making the appearance more shiny. As in the Ricciolo metal chandelier model.

There are usually many models available, and the shapes vary from the rectangular chandelier suspended above a table in the kitchen or a more complex one in the lines, for the living room. A combination of metal and crystal chandeliers can also be a great idea for a versatile style in the home.

If traditional chandeliers have bulbs, some metal chandeliers are equipped with LED lights, for even more interesting effects.

Chandeliers with lampshades

A lampshade is a cover that covers a lamp, such as to soften the light effect: an effect that makes the lighting suffused , without overpowering the room.
The same concept is used in modern shade chandeliers, where shades are used to cover the light coming from the bulbs. The purpose is not only to soften but also to broaden the impact of the light , so that it does not illuminate just one area.

Lampshades could be of various colors and shapes, according to taste, although a traditional lampshade has a slightly conical or drum shape.
It is important to know that the color of the lampshade affects the color of the light passing through it, and will create tonal effects on the lighting in the room.

A white or beige shade is usually a neutral choice, as it has minimal effect on the color of the original light coming from the bulb. However, if you're using yellow bulbs, you might want to go for an off-white lampshade, which manages to balance out.

In fabric lampshades , perhaps with a vintage look like our Roar lampshade chandelier , the light penetrates well. However, plastic or glass lampshades are also gaining popularity and create interesting effects especially in the living room.

A modern chandelier with shade could be the defining feature of any living room or hall. The chandelier could have multiple small shades covering various bulbs or one large shade covering a much more powerful bulb or LED light panel.

Designer chandeliers

When it comes to modern chandeliers, it is impossible to overlook the word design, which in Italian almost becomes an adjective to define trendy or extravagant lighting.

The world of modern design reserves abstract, elegant, curved or linear designs, with surprising ornaments (glasses, for example) or luxurious details.

The advantage of having a modern design chandelier is its uniqueness, it is rare that exclusive and particular chandeliers are so widespread.

This makes it a great choice to have in your living area, lounge or living room as long as it fits with the furniture and interior. Possible, for example, thanks to our Bugola wood-effect design chandelier .

They could have traditional light bulbs or LED lights as a light source, crystals, glass inserts... the absolute indefinability of the shape sometimes makes the crossing of the light particular, illuminating the room in the most unexpected ways.

Thus, the many different modern chandeliers can be useful in expressing a style, mood and atmosphere that you would like in the room, even… a whim on the current fashion.

Choose the one you prefer and transform your home in a few moments , because chandeliers could literally light up an environment, and become the "bright spot" of your interior!

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