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Fascino e mistero nelle zone living con i paralumi

Charm and mystery in living areas with lampshades

Let's face it, we've all dreamed of settings taken from films like 50 shades of grey, not so much for the more or less overwhelming plots as for the furnishings and the atmospheres wrapped in that mysterious charm that directors know how to expertly create. Today we tell you that we know how to do it too and it's simpler than we can imagine. If we say lampshades, what opens up in your imagination? Discover now on Olux Illuminazione the most detailed tailor-made lampshade creation and manufacturing service aimed at individuals and/or companies.


Lampshades: charm and mystery in living areas

The play of light and shadow has always fascinated everyone and there is no doubt about it. When we talk about lamps as lighting accessories with the highest level of functionality and aesthetics we are not joking, just think of the great power of recreating atmospheres in the home exactly as we want them, other than the movies. And speaking of seductive and mysterious atmospheres , the lamp can boast a great ally, the lampshade. The lampshades represent a plus in the choice of a decorative lamp, these are chosen precisely to shape the aesthetic side of the lighting accessories. The lampshades give soft lighting, imbued with charm if chosen in neutral or dark colors. A lamp, correlated with a lampshade, is configured as a refined element that strikes those who live in that environment but also those who happen to pass by. It is precisely this object that acts as a precious accessory to the lamp to create significant plays of light and shadows capable of recreating atmospheres of charm and mystery in living areas and beyond. Whether it's a table lamp or a floor lamp, the decision to buy a lighting accessory equipped with a lampshade is certainly a winner for those who want to create an elegant, fascinating environment with that touch of mystery that people like so much.

Made-to-measure lampshades: where to find them

IMG_4712 Having ascertained that thanks to the lampshades it is possible to recreate fascinating and mysterious atmospheres, it is time to choose the right one. On Olux Illuminazione there is a vast selection of modern lamps with lampshades aimed at responding to all the needs of our consumers. However we know, customization and uniqueness are the characteristics that every person wants for their dream living room, that's why we present our exclusive lampshade production and factory service aimed at companies and individuals. A service capable of giving shape to every idea, of making a design concrete and personalizing it in any way: shape, type, fabric. And you, have you already looked at your lampshade or would you like a completely personalized one?

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