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Lampade da terra: la luce diventa design

Floor lamps: light becomes design

With floor lamps, light becomes the absolute protagonist of the home, not only in terms of functionality but above all in terms of design. The lighting accessories become real furnishing elements, decorating every corner of the house. Discover the wide range of floor lamps on our website and continue reading the article to furnish rooms with the right light. olux-iluminazione-circles-floor lamp_1

Floor lamps: design and functionality

Floor lamps represent a practical and versatile piece of furniture given their nature, but also elegant and full of charm to the point of literally transforming an environment. In fact, it is not a mere light point but a full-fledged furnishing accessory, which furnishes the environment and illuminates it with irresistible charm. Floor lamps were born as support lighting and still perform this task very well today. Sometimes, in fact, in a particularly large room , a single main light may not be enough. To enhance a specific wall or a specific corner of the environment, we can use floor lamps, lighting elements that have the advantage of taking up little space given their shape. Furthermore, it is a very versatile and practical lighting accessory, thanks to its consistency, a floor lamp can be easily moved from one room to another according to one's needs.

Floor lamps: how to choose them

For the choice of floor lamps that will characterize the living area or the bedroom, our advice is to consider three factors: the style of the furniture already present in your home, your personal taste and your needs. In recent years the demand for floor lamps has grown a lot, this has allowed us to expand and diversify the proposal, you will have no problem finding the floor lamp that's right for you. If you are a lover of modern and minimal design, you will find many floor lamps characterized by clean lines and high quality modern materials. However, there is no shortage of proposals characterized by details and references to classicisms typical of tradition. If, on the other hand, your idea of ​​furnishing is more akin to romantic or shabby chic atmospheres, surely a floor lamp with a silk or pleated lampshade could be the ideal choice. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an original and unique floor lamp, you can rely on our unique lampshade factory service . In this case, our experts will bring your ideas to life and the result will be something extremely unique.

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