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Piantane classiche per case moderne

Classic floor lamps for modern homes

Can a classic floor lamp be placed in a modern context? Absolutely yes. Inserting a classic piece of furniture in an environment furnished according to the canons of contemporary style becomes a real design detail that overturns the entire home in an impactful way. Furthermore, the fusion between modernity and tradition is an excellent compromise for those who love the classic style but follow international trends.

Classic floor lamps: why choose them

We are talking about lighting accessories, so it goes without saying that the classic floor lamps are configured as highly functional elements that are useful both in the living area and in the bedroom. The floor lamps are also used a lot in furnishing modern offices. These are design lighting accessories able to personalize the environment with their presence and their light, making the home more welcoming for those who live and visit it occasionally. As anticipated, the floor lamps are rather versatile design elements and can be placed anywhere and even moved according to your needs. They are often chosen as a support light for the main one to enhance a wall or a corner, or create a comfort zone for moments of relaxation alone or in company. floor_lamp_floor_modern_lampshade_fabric_olux_england_beige_1

Classic floor lamps: the elegance of tradition

The classic floor lamps are perfect for elegantly furnishing domestic environments. On the market there are many different materials linked to tradition such as wood and wrought iron. The particularity of the classic floor lamps lies in their design and in the refinement of the details , the lampshade for example is an essential element of the tradition that gives the lighting accessory a charm of other times. The classic floor lamps can be placed in living areas to recreate the atmosphere of the past. For example, if you feel the English charm, you can place the floor lamp near a Chesterfield sofa to recall the British atmosphere and perhaps sip tea with your guests by illuminating the area with the warm light of the floor lamp. You certainly have no limits in choosing classic floor lamps for your home, all you have to do is let yourself be guided by your taste and your needs and take advantage of the wide choice of floor lamps present by OluxIlluminazione to illuminate your home with style.

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