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10 lampadari moderni che faranno brillare la tua casa

10 modern chandeliers that will make your home sparkle

Traditional or modern? Chandeliers are a focal point of the home. Both when they are illuminated and when they are switched off and show their design.

Inserting a chandelier, rather than a simple lamp, can give a particular beauty to an environment, whatever it is - from the bathroom to the living room.

For this, we suggest the optimal choice among the 10 modern chandeliers in our collection!

1 - I-LIGHT T 12 lights

From mid-twentieth-century design comes this fascinating aesthetic legacy with its globes of light.

A pendant lamp that adapts to many environments, whether they are of contemporary, vintage, traditional or eclectic design.

The spheres in milky white blown glass , all Made in Italy, create a truly unique light and a clear, glossy effect. The metal frame features satin gold details, elegant and shiny in contrast with the black finish.

The chandelier is adjustable in height , therefore perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. It adapts well to the high ceilings of an entrance hall, and does not get lost in the details in terms of style, being very particular. There are also variants with 3, 4, 5 or 6 lights – all with a suggestive and minimalistic effect at the same time.

2 - Curl

For those looking for a truly unique chandelier with 11 lights , which stands out. It is large enough to be noticed in any room, especially for its shape with curls and spirals , crystals and scenographic effects.

Your guests will notice this beauty, which enhances the lively lines with a sinuous steel structure. The transparent crystals with their glare liven up the retro-modern look of this chandelier even more.

It is also available with multicolored crystals and chrome finishes, or with amber crystals and bronze finishes, with a truly vintage touch.

3 - Brat Picture Transparent Crystals

Here is a refined chandelier, for a living room or an environment that you want to make sophisticated - in terms of lights and style.

The transparent Asfour crystals create brilliant lights that reverberate in many directions: together with the rectangular shape they make the chandelier perfect to be placed above a classic table.

The structure is available in chromed metal finishes or on request with other effects, to create a uniform style down to the details, in the most refined environments.

The chandelier can also be customized in crystal colors to match the shades of your dining room as they sparkle.

4 - Girofix

A hypnotic chandelier? Here is this model that combines the traditional style of crystals with completely modern lines that simulate a moving pinwheel.

It is certainly a model of great impact, sculptural, which solves the furnishing of an environment such as a bedroom, a sitting room, an eclectic living room. Its interpretation of light and the space around it makes it perfect if you want to get your chandelier noticed, suspended in mid-air almost hovering above...

The colored crystals can be alternated with the transparent ones: red, wisteria, black, amber - to adapt and enliven this light point even more .

5 -England

Elegant and minimalist British style, it can fit perfectly into your interior. This chandelier with pleated pongé fabric lampshade gives a vintage and intimate effect.

It creates a refined atmosphere in wooden interiors, gives a classic touch to those with modern lines and materials. Perfect for the study room, a shabby chic living room, a home office room.

You can find it in different colors to match the style of the interior, always with neutral or not too bright shades: white, beige, black, dark brown.

The simple silhouette of this pendant light is most admired when lit, while the design and hue blend in best when it is off.

6 - Oval

This chandelier is a real jewel of great effect and great style.

A crystal chandelier, with a bright and sparkling drum shape. It represents a light source that surrounds the light source, expanding it.

The beauty of this suspension lamp is also functional for illuminating an entire room, since it has 8 lights and 1340 Asfour octagonal crystals !

It is a lampshade that adapts beautifully to living room environments, to a classic living room; but it can also be an idea for a luxury bathroom or a sumptuous bedroom.

To better harmonize it with the furnishings, it can be chosen with transparent crystals, with an amber, red, black, wisteria colored crown.

7 - Sunglass Campari

7 off-center lights, create a lighting effect for an entire room. But not only the light, but also the particular shape of this modern chandelier makes it a real asset.

The glass glasses, suitable for the most delicious Campari, become the containers that welcome the lights, and are suspended in the air.

The glass diffusers of the chandelier can be positioned as you wish, to illuminate every corner of the interior in a uniform or particular way.

The natural transparent glass of the glasses and the chromed steel structure create a perfect suggestion for a modern living room , a kitchen or an environment for the bar and games room.


Moving on to the fabric lampshade, this time the suspension becomes colored with chintz cotton and PVC tubes . This chandelier can be composed of a different number of elements, from 1 to 3 tubes and is shown in different colors , from white to bright colors, up to shades of lilac and minimalist black.

The colors are perfect for combining the modern chandelier with the interior furnishings, accessories or style details. Perfect for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bedrooms to give joy; increasing the intensity of the chosen colour.

In the City variant, the tube can also be made of steel and become a suspended chandelier that is also perfect for bathrooms, entrances and contemporary design environments. A shiny insert also in the metal material, available in satin, chrome, black or white finishes.

9 - Missoni

The pendant lamp with a creative touch, thanks to the matt effect artistic glass diffuser.

The black and white crystal details are fused into the glass and create a suffused, fascinating glow.

In a version with colored crystals, the light of this chandelier becomes even more animated.

It is an ideal light point for both classic environments and modern furnishings, being enlivened with sinuous and not excessively contemporary lines . Ideal for kitchens and living rooms, it also adapts well to entrance halls and professional studios.

10 - Vertigo

The name of the chandelier refers to the vertigo, height and movement of this crystal diffuser which simulates a luminous dizziness. Creating a soft, indirect, uniform light.

The transparent crystals can be alternated with amber, black or wisteria colored Asfour to match the furnishing accessories or the design finishes.

A refined system of lights and shades to be studied for a refined sitting room, an eclectic living room with an important light point; or a sparkling bedroom.

These and other modern chandeliers are present in the Olux collections, and will help you discover the best light point for your interior - right down to the corners you want to illuminate!

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