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Come scegliere il lampadario perfetto per ogni stanza

How to choose the perfect chandelier for every room

Size and style matter. When furnishing a house, one wonders for the details of the lighting, what dimensions and aesthetics are suitable for each environment. Because a chandelier for the dining room is certainly different from a table lamp in the bedroom, or suspended spotlights in the kitchen.

Everything from the perfect light above a table, to the impressive living room chandelier, to the hallway lights, needs to be weighed in. Let's see some suggestions to not get disoriented right from the start, and "focus" on the main points.

The type of lighting, for lamps and chandeliers

We need to evaluate the purpose of the chandelier and its relationship with other types of lighting present. In every environment , multiple light sources are needed to adequately illuminate the space . You can choose the ambient lights for the bedroom, the "daytime" and powerful ones for the kitchen, the selective ones for some areas of the bathroom.

The ambient lighting is the general lighting of the room, usually through a powerful chandelier. Recessed lighting using spotlights or a ceiling lamp could also be chosen, but in this case the power of the bulbs must be carefully evaluated.

Also, an important factor is natural light, which is different for each room. Solar lighting is a very important factor to consider when choosing a chandelier and its location. A room that enjoys excellent daylight and is well exposed won't need as many lights, especially during the day.

The situation is different for a room without natural light, perhaps poorly exposed or overlooking an internal courtyard. It may require additional lighting with sconces to be turned on when you enter, at all hours of the day.

Chandeliers for bedrooms and children's rooms

A dimmer -controlled mood light is perfect for the bedroom.

A classic suspension lamp, if the room is furnished in a traditional way, is perfect for the general lighting of the environment. In bedrooms with low ceilings, opt for a recessed or semi-recessed chandelier to facilitate the feeling of spaciousness and relaxation when you need to drift off to sleep.

In any case, lighting is better if accompanied by table lamps suitable for bedside tables, when targeted light is needed in the sleeping area. An extra light, lamp or wall light, is always advisable, which gives a decorative touch to the space, without being the main light source in the room.

Chandeliers for the living room

Decorative lighting is suitable for rooms where guests are received, such as the living room, or the living room with the kitchen included. Obviously, this is the perfect setting for a crystal or lavish chandelier. Some classic sconces can support the general light of the chandelier, not just next to the armchairs. They also and above all make sense above works of art or consoles in more private areas of the living room.

Floor standing lamps are recommended only if the room is large, and allows you to insert them without creating an extra piece of furniture, which makes the living room smaller. Alternatively, as we have said, appliques are better.

Light in passageways: entrance, hall and corridors.

Lights that precisely illuminate spaces are useful, especially in large entrances, when it is necessary to enter the house with bright light. Suspension chandeliers can also be comfortable in transit areas that you want to enhance and not make it darker than necessary.

On the other hand, applique lights for the corridor are perfectly fine, if it is an area from which the lateral branches lead to the other rooms. Not too powerful wall lights and spotlights fit perfectly in the passageways to the outside, for the short atriums perhaps before the living room.

Lights and chandeliers for the kitchen

The "service" lighting of this environment must be really clear and detailed. It has the specific purpose of better illuminating the space in which important activities such as cooking, preparing food and serving take place.
In the kitchen, modern suspension chandeliers are perfect, above the table or above the island. Spotlights or adjustable suspensions are ideal in the area where food preparation or cooking takes place.

The light in studios or for the home office

for some time, there have been areas of the house that are increasingly reserved for study or work. For this reason, the clear and decisive light of the kitchen is also applicable here. Obviously, a desk lamp is preferred or lighting with pendant bulbs , on a track or to be fixed to the ceiling.
In this case, the lighting represents an additional element, which improves the functionality of the study or work corner, but usually it is not the only source of light when setting up this space in the living room.

Lights and chandeliers for the bathroom

As a rule, recessed chandeliers and sconces above the bathtub or next to the sink are preferred in this environment. If the bathroom is not very high, it's best to avoid large pendant lights - it's an environment where water branches off easily, and if the light fixture fluctuates, it's not the best.
The tone of the light will be diffused or very light, depending on your taste. There are those who love soft atmospheres in the bathroom, and those who need clarity in every corner, to favor cleanliness and safe movement.

The modern chandeliers of the Olux collection are perfect for adding a touch of style to the home and to any room. Because beyond functionality, an essential element is aesthetics and the different designs we offer combine practicality useful for any environment, with the preferred style.

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