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Applique e Lampadari in cristallo

Crystal sconces and chandeliers

Do you want to add a "splendid" touch to your home? Do you need to furnish a professional studio in an elegant way? Of course, a suitable material is crystal.

Create a special light atmosphere, especially if it is colored crystals. It gives life to plays of light and shadow on the wall , and in the case of crystal appliques, they can truly create a fascinating journey along the walls – positions and intensities must be studied...

Crystal wall light in modern design

If you choose to buy a crystal wall lamp, you can orientate yourself on the shape and finishes often inspired by the thirties or forties - the golden age of crystal.

Design wall light
Crystal wall lights go well with antique and vintage interiors, but also with contemporary ones if you choose modern crystal wall lights . They are found in circular, square, crossed shapes to enhance the luminous and reflective effect of the crystal.

Surely, the "retro" atmosphere will be perfect in the most sophisticated environments, perhaps in a bedroom or an old-fashioned living room. It doesn't hurt either in professional studios where it is essential to create an environment that puts you at ease, showing attention to detail.

For those who want to decline them in a contemporary way, however, modern appliques are versatile and can be used for some interior design solutions - as a "counterbalance" to very linear furniture.

They are also simple to clean, despite their appearance. For crystal wall lights, dry cleaning is sufficient, using a feather duster to collect the accumulated dust.

Crystal chandeliers

To enhance the elegance of the rooms, certainly a sophisticated brilliant chandelier is the best.

The shapes can be various, and the difference is just as large regarding the light effects they can create. The large and round crystal chandeliers can illuminate a living room in an intense and shining way, while the small cube ones are perhaps suitable for a bedroom.

Rectangular models shed light in the center of the room, while modern interpretations of the classic (woven or paneled chandeliers) create lateral plays of light.

crystal chandelier

The possibilities are many, but the crystal chandelier certainly offers an elegant style for modern spaces . In historic houses, on the other hand, it adds an extra bright touch, adapting to the decorations or furniture.

Chandeliers with a refined but sober design are often preferred, to prevent them from becoming too cumbersome a visual element.

Of course, the fact that the chandelier is fixed and cannot be moved as easily as a floor lamp or table lamp should be considered. For this, it is essential to position it correctly – which also applies to wall lights.

The dimensions must be considered, between the room and the crystal chandelier: you cannot fit a small one in a huge room or it will seem isolated. Conversely, if the chandelier is sparkling in a small room, the sensation will be that of less space and oppressive light.

In short, in addition to the design, take the measurements well and, finally, study the suitable bulbs well.

Also for energy saving purposes, it is sometimes better to decrease the wattage of the light bulbs if the chandelier requires a large number of lights.
By inserting the right bulb, the room will have sufficient light coverage without sacrificing style.

Once you have your crystal chandelier installed, it will be easier to add “glamour” to a room, in the form of sparkles !

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