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Lampade da tavolo di design

Designer table lamps

Illuminating a well-defined space seems easy, but always the right light source!
An ideal table or desk lamp, it allows you to easily read or see in a given point, without straining your eyes or dazzling your eyes.
It is not always obvious to find modern table lamps that have these technical qualities and that also adapt to the decor and style of the interior.

Table or desk lamps?

Thinking about the design, the choice of a lamp can reserve several options.
For example, desk lamps must have minimalist lines suitable for working at home or for reading. Often they are adjustable lamps to favor a better concentration of the light beam.

desk lamp

Table lamps, designed rather for living rooms, lounges and bedrooms , often have a refined style and are not adjustable. They become an excellent combination of aesthetics and performance, bright and elegantly placed on any table or bedside table.

In table lamps the design can be chosen according to the decor, and it is an important selection because the details make the difference in modern interior design.
The light can be modulated more or less intensely using the bulbs, but the structure will remain unchanged. Which one to choose?

The style of table lamps, from simple lines to crystal.

The traditional style of the table lamp with the lampshade always has its charm, and can be declined in various types.
A traditional and elegant model is the table lamp with a colorful style in the shade, such as the Roary or Square model.
The classic modern lampshade showing the fabric and PVC diffuser, in the most varied colors according to your interior. You will find it available in the neutral colors of white, black and beige, lively orange, up to bright red, trendy acid green or lilac, intense burgundy, the elegance of the dark brown, light dove gray and dark dove gray lamp.

crystal table lamp

Among the other possibilities for a linear and "iconic" lampshade is the classic English-style lamp, which you can find in our England lamps with a pleated fabric lampshade. The colors are more sober here, inspired by the British style of wooden furniture: white, black, beige, dark brown. You will find it available with different diameter sizes, 20 cm or 35 cm, to adapt to small bedside tables, desks, living rooms.

Those who love a more refined design can buy a table lamp with crystals , or with curls and spirals in the support.
Many people like the look of colored and patterned glass, and a retro twist this time taking us back to the 1930s and 40s, with distinctive decorations – stunning in the most refined living rooms.
The crystals shine and create plays of light in the Oval and Circles table lamps, or in the Vertigo and Diamante table lamp models where they blend with modern and refined design shapes.

The lampshade in blown or transparent glass

The lamp with a blown glass diffuser , like the Ciccia , refers to a game of materials and dimensions that was very popular in the 1980s. In the layers of blown glass, different transparencies and particular effects of suffused juice are shown. Suitable for the living space or the bedroom with an exclusive design.

flab lamp

Among the most classic vintage models are the blown glass lamps that take us back to the mid-twentieth century. This style pays attention to minimalism and the fluidity of the light diffusion, thanks to the blown glass – we see it in our I-LIGHT lamp or in the Yaya and Ulaop models.

blown glass lamp

A variant of glass lamps are the more contemporary designs, well described by the Sunglass Mojito and Sunglass Campari lamps. The names derive from the glasses that compose them, from the shapes known to host these cocktails.
The Sunglass lamp shows a completely transparent glass diffuser through the glass, which houses the bulb inside for an effect with an urban design, suitable for a modern and eclectic interior. It's a fun "touch", especially in living rooms with kitchens and in living rooms dedicated to receiving guests next to the bar corner.

The contemporary design and the camouflage effects of the wooden lamps.

For those who want an even more exclusive detail, the choice can be directed towards models with a refined design, such as the Yucca and Bugola table lamps.

wood lamp
Both show relief bands with a realistic wood effect , to restore a natural atmosphere to the light source and integrate into a decor with parquet or wooden furniture. They are available with wenge/white, oak/white or rosewood/white wood effects.

The choice is really wide, and starting from your favorite style you can certainly find a small lamp, to brighten any environment in a suffused and elegant way.

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