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5 Consigli per arredare con Applique da parete

5 Tips for decorating with wall sconces

Wall lamps have been an integral part of room lighting for many years, especially bedrooms and living rooms. Combined with the majestic chandeliers, they have given the rooms an elegant look, further enriching it.
Today they are back in trend, with a very large selection, and thanks to the ever-evolving design and new technologies, the wall light is no longer considered to be combined with the suspended chandelier. Let's see how to insert it in the lighting decor...

1 - Create a light point for the room

The applique lives its own life, becoming a fundamental element for carefully studied lighting, if we think of it for an intimate environment.
It satisfies any lighting and style need, as it can represent different shades depending on the chosen bulb. You can choose the most suitable light emission, allowing you to adequately illuminate the desired spaces.

Many wall light models have been developed with a design that diffuses the light up and down differently, allowing you to create particular optical effects.

2 - Play with style

Choosing a wall light is a fun opportunity to play with style: new trends tell us that it is possible to be daring, choosing a wall lamp that is completely different from the surrounding environment. In this way, a desired and, if we know how to do it well, a very refined contrast is defined.
What makes this choice interesting is the possibility of giving a different touch at an affordable price. In fact, a wall lamp is on average cheaper than a chandelier from the same collection.

Without forgetting the outdoor appliques, the absolute protagonists of the lighting of terraces and verandas that can give a particular touch to the evenings, even with themed decorations.

3 - Corridors and corners, no more darkness

A wall sconce lamp is certainly suitable for illuminating corridors and corners , with surprising lights. Wall lights are excellent light sources for particularly dark areas such as stairs, halls and especially the entrance, which are often not given the right importance in terms of light.

Instead, it would be necessary to dedicate a welcoming and ambient light to this room, using wall lamps to give a pleasant first visual impact.

A wall light is also useful in corridors, where the space is usually narrow, dark and inhospitable, as it is considered a place of passage - often neglected in terms of lighting and furnishings.

4 - A touch of design for the living room

Wall lights are no longer simple and classic, but they surprise us with original shapes, studied in every detail to strike the eye and become the center of interest of a room.
They are often equipped with branches or slides, made to direct the light as desired, and for this they can create interesting lighting effects but also design points with their shapes, ranging from linear minimalism to classic crystals with colored drops, or with colorful lampshades that stand out on the walls.

5 - Reading and relaxation lights

If installed above a bedside table , for example, the wall lights embellish the bedroom and are transformed into reading lamps.
Even in study and library environments, a wall light can create an interesting and less formal corner than table lamps. Perfect for desks used for PCs, which already give off light and don't need a direct light source on the screen.

Wall lights are a more practical and effective solution for better illuminating a corner of the living room, making it appear immediately more elegant – perhaps near a sofa.

Ultimately, the choice of appliques depends above all on the environments in which they are to be inserted. It is a light that animates the environment, enhances certain areas or certain objects and embellishes the furniture: think carefully where to insert your wall lamp!

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