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Lampadari e Applique da bagno

Chandeliers and bathroom sconces

Not all bathrooms are created equal. In some, chandeliers work well, in others, sconces look better. How come? The questions concern the light sources, the dimensions and also the tastes, of course!

The trend is to include chandeliers in the bathroom , which we know can give personality to this environment, as well as diffused and clear lighting. Yet, sometimes wall lights meet important needs, let's see why and how to choose bathroom lights .

The bathroom chandeliers

Lighting is a major consideration in this room, as well as functionality. For this reason, a chandelier with powerful lights is sometimes preferred.
When the size of the room permits it, a striking chandelier for the bathroom creates a fundamental point of light and design.

Of course, we must consider that installing a chandelier for the bathroom is not like installing a chandelier for the living room. Electrical work requires more caution and precision, and the height of the ceilings must be evaluated.

Bathroom chandeliers are best suited to rooms with high ceilings, particularly if you want to place the light above the bathtub, which you need to be at least five feet apart in height. Or one meter from the shower, sink and toilet drain.

As with the chandeliers in the kitchen , there are guidelines in the bathroom to prevent water from interfering with the electrical systems

Therefore, the lighting systems for the "toilet" can be safe (a standard-compliant chandelier) and beautiful, to be positioned in a functional and scenographic way.

The best bathroom chandelier depends on the size of the room, as we have seen, but also on the layout of the bathroom with respect to natural lights. If the bathroom is small , it's best to choose a small, minimalist chandelier. A large one, with hanging crystals or large, colorful diffusers, can make the space seem smaller and the light intrusive.

Unlike kitchen pendant lights , bathroom pendant lights can't be too long and dangle downwards. Unless the ceiling is so high, that this design choice is possible.

bathroom chandeliers

If you don't have space for a large chandelier, it's better to opt for recessed lights or wall lights...

The bathroom sconces

As we have seen, as beautiful as they are, bathroom chandeliers are not always the right choice for the bathroom. In some cases, the ceiling is not high enough to make them safe and practical.

Sometimes recessed bathroom spotlights are more useful, which can also give targeted lighting in some areas such as the sink mirror or the shower corners.
They can be minimalist bathroom wall lights , designed for a room with a modern design, or wall light models in crystal and aluminum – those in fabric are not recommended due to the humidity in the bathroom.

The important thing is that both the chandeliers, the appliques or the spotlights for the bathroom are suitable for the bathroom area as a safety feature, as well as in style.

bathroom chandeliers

These lights can add a touch of atmosphere and design in the bathroom, especially if it is a blind bathroom or with little light from the outside.
Position the wall lights above or next to the bathroom mirror, or recessed spotlights in the ceiling but with low brightness - so as not to give a "blinding" effect of a public bathroom.
By raising the glare, on the other hand, the spotlights above can illuminate the entire room in a uniform way, alternating with the spotlights below, for the mirrors, with less power.

The lights can also be used as decorative elements, to make certain walls in the bathroom stand out, or for backlit mirrors. In some cases, lights are used under the bathroom cabinet and even for the water closet area.

Whether you want to insert a trendy chandelier , or a discreet wall light, the selection must always be made also on the basis of the design: colours, natural window lights, coverings...
Every detail is never casual for a perfect toilet, lights included!

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