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5 Consigli per arredare con Faretti

5 Tips for decorating with Spotlights

Do you love clean lines in interior light design? Want a simple, direct pattern in the direction of the light? Spotlights can be your great asset!

Following a lighting plan with spotlights means choosing a modern and discreet system to shed light in your home. Both as general lights and for a defined space.
Furthermore, recessed spotlights are also a good space-saving option: you won't have the problem of a chandelier which, when the ceiling is low, "clutters" the room!

Let's see some small advice for the selection and installation of spotlights...

1 - Evaluate the spaces and the lighting system

Some things to consider before buying spotlights concern their number and positioning .

You have to ask yourself how big the room is, how high the ceiling is, if the room has ample natural lighting (veranda, French window, bay window, etc.).

You then have to understand how you will use the room , i.e. if there are any corners that require particular attention in terms of lights. Thus, you will understand how many spotlights you need and where to insert them.

As a rule, you have to evaluate the total power in Watts required to illuminate the space according to its functions (bedroom, living room, corridor, etc.). Usually 10 Watts per square meter are evaluated in the entrances, while for a living room even 30 Watts per square meter.

This value, of course, must be divided between the various bulbs of the spotlights you intend to position.

If you use 3 spotlights, you will have to distribute the Watts according to the areas to be irradiated, so at this point an expert guide can help you.

2 – Evaluate the height of the ceiling

It is good to know that the beam of light coming from the recessed spotlights is projected downwards in the shape of a cone.

These cones of light usually fade out around 70 centimeters from the floor. If you have a very high ceiling, however, you won't need more spotlights, just a brighter power.

Recessed spotlights are often installed on the false ceiling, with LED lights suitable for walk-in closets, corridors, living rooms in a minimalist style.
In these cases, it is good to first define whether the ceiling is high enough to allow large spotlights with sustained lights, or it is necessary to choose light LEDs and not large shapes for the spotlight. Furthermore, for plasterboard false ceilings, there are also plaster spotlights .

3 - The spacing between the spotlights and from the walls

Usually, it is recommended to position the recessed spotlights about 50 cm away from the edge between the walls and the ceiling. This is a method to avoid creating shadows, and distribute the light evenly from the ceiling.

The more spotlights there are in the room, the more the lighting will have a balanced effect, but you have to consider how to position them with each other. As a general rule, we recommend dividing the ceiling height by 2 – for example, in a 5m ceiling, place the lights 2.5m apart.

Then, of course, you can also choose a particular effect such as that of a starry night sky, by positioning many small spotlights close to each other – in this case, it is good to make a defined scheme of the effect that will come from the points – light.

4 – Lighting of defined spaces

When you need limited light points, for example above the desk or on the kitchen worktop, you have to choose suitable spotlights - especially by evaluating the natural light points.
Those with a narrower light cone angle are recommended, choosing a warm or cold light depending on the type of work you have to do.

If you want to play with shadows and lights, to create a special atmosphere, you can use dimmer switches to control the different zones in different ways. This type of switch, in fact, allows you to turn the lights on and off, varying their brightness.

5 – Outdoor spotlights

In a space such as the veranda or the garden patio, it is possible to choose spotlights for the fundamental lighting objectives: atmosphere or defined light points.
If the ambient lighting can be obtained through suspended lights and sconces, you can obtain particularly clear and defined outdoor spaces with spotlights. Perfect for tables, play spaces or garden workspaces.

Furthermore, you can obtain greater safety by illuminating any side of the house in the shade with spotlights installed on the cornice or on the ceiling of the veranda.

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