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I migliori materiali per i lampadari moderni

The best materials for modern chandeliers

Each raw material can affect the shape and life of your chandelier. It's not just the light that makes the difference...

Decoration and function, the material creates a different chandelier

Suspended from the ceiling, or installed as a wall light, the most important light point must first of all be made with a resistant material. It holds light bulbs, once candles, and for this reason it was historically created in metal or wood in the most ancient times.

To date, there are many materials for modern chandeliers, which can be made with metal structures such as brass, bronze, chrome, steel or wrought iron.

Metal pendant lamp

Other materials used, some innovative, others classic, are crystal, alabaster, wood and plastic ; as well as the fabric or PVC for the lampshade.

The raw materials must be chosen according to the style and period of the furniture, but also with an eye only to solidity.

The material in the main structure of the chandeliers

The components of the structure can be made of many materials, the important thing is that they are not flammable.

These are usually metal pipes (chrome, brass, copper) appreciated because they allow the cables to pass through the arms of the chandelier in a continuous way.

Copper, in particular, is an available element and flexible enough to shape. It allows fascinating reflections, even if the metal structure is often painted. In this case, it is important to check that the paint used is suitable for the type of metal or material used.

If you choose brass or chrome parts, they will need to be custom made and are less ductile. As a material for the chandelier, metal is usually the most used for the arms, the suspension chain and the central suspended part.

The decorative elements of the chandelier

Based on the desired style, the various components begin to differentiate. For example, crystal drops , very common in Italian or French retro-style chandeliers, can be customized.

Crystal chandelier

The material must be resistant, certainly not fragile, and in the most modern lighting arrangements colored glass and even plastic glass are used.

As an embellishment, therefore, you can choose a type of vintage lighting with original or new crystal drops but with the same effect as vintage chandeliers.

In other cases, you can choose chandeliers with beads, made of glass, wood, plastic or even shells. These are precious materials, sometimes, but which give life to a design that is not very successful due to its "imposition".

If you want an Old English style, however, it will be appropriate to use fabric lampshades that hook onto the light bulb structures in a simple and linear way.

Other details not to be overlooked are the rings and hooks for fixing the various components to the main structure. Again, metal is usually the material of choice in modern chandeliers.

The chandeliers of the Olux collection

Our models proposed in various styles and solutions, are made with high quality materials, in each component.

From an aesthetic point of view, as well as functional, the collection of modern pendant chandeliers is extensive, and includes both models in metal and with crystals, in glass and blown glass, in PVC, plastic or with a fabric lampshade.

Hanging chandeliers

Also from the point of view of the details of the electrical system - the plastic or metal unit that sits at the end of each arm to connect the bulbs.

The multiple electrical wires inside the chandelier, and the connectors that connect them, are always inserted following the rules of safety and quality of materials.

Remember to pay attention to the wiring of the bulbs and, if in doubt, consult an electrician.

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