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5 Consigli per arredare con Lampadari Moderni

5 Tips for decorating with Modern Chandeliers

Deciding on lighting for your home can be tricky, even for the experienced. There can be many options, the positioning of the lamps in the room should correspond to your ideas, but also to the necessary light points - in fact, the correct positioning of the chandeliers and lamps is no small matter.

That's why it can help to break down ideas across a little memo, from shopping to setting up.

Here are 5 essential tips for decorating with Modern Chandeliers that also include the many pendant models!

1 - Take a tour on the web

If you are looking to buy a modern chandelier, take the time to look at all the available proposals. Don't think that you have to make a decision right away.

There are so many different styles of modern chandeliers, and you should evaluate the choices available before committing to one. You can view the chandeliers with crystals or decorations, or the suspension chandeliers with contemporary shapes such as the atom ones, or even the ceiling lights - even if in many environments they can "break down" the feeling of welcome. Get an idea, and then see if it's a good fit for your space.

2 - Find out the dimensions of the chandelier

When it comes to choosing the right size chandelier, proportion is everything. A chandelier that is too large for the room can feel overwhelming. A chandelier that is too small can get lost and not give the right light.
To find the right size, try this formula: add the dimensions of the length and width of your room. The sum obtained, for example 8 + 8 meters = 16 m, can be used doubled in centimeters as an approximation of the minimum diameter of your new chandelier (32 cm). From there you can start to evaluate…

3. Choose the materials of your chandelier

Traditionally chandeliers are made of crystal, but modern chandeliers are constructed from a wide variety of materials.
For example, if you like natural materials, you might consider a fabric chandelier . If you prefer an industrial chic style, you will have a wide choice of metal chandeliers , perhaps in steel. You can also combine them with light bulbs with an unusual shape, or with suspended light bulb solutions contained in the glasses.
If you want to add more color to your space, consider a chandelier with colored glass or a chandelier with plastic domes in many shades and tones

It's important to coordinate the materials of your new chandelier with the rest of the room's design , or create an artfully done 'shock' by contrast – perhaps with a color that creates a different accent in the neutrality of the decor, and makes the chandelier stand out as visual pivot.
Usually one prefers to stay in line with the color palette and style already established in the furniture, as is the case with modern tubular chandeliers and minimal furniture .

4. Try to think of an "unexpected" light source

One of the possibilities that modern chandeliers provide is to break the traditional rules, and even position yourself differently .

Especially if you support this choice with a contemporary design in the environment, you can hang your chandelier not only in the center of the living room or entrance, as usual, but in a particular area, perhaps the one for the home office or a specific corner of a bedroom.

In this case, the decentralized suspension chandeliers are also interesting , which with their many branches allow you to create different light points as you like (you can move the bulbs wherever you think!).
The right chandelier can add a touch of elegance to any area of ​​your home that you usually frequent and want to illuminate properly.

5. The chandelier will be the focal point

Wherever you choose to place your chandelier, make sure it doesn't compete with other light fixtures or furnishings to draw attention to the top of the view.

A chandelier is meant to be the focal point of a room, so it shouldn't be surrounded by large pieces of furniture that overwhelm it, or other décor items that over-attract attention. Let your new modern chandelier be the protagonist of the space, that it shines properly in the sense of both lighting and visual impact when it is off.

Modern pendant chandeliers

Suspension chandeliers have always been the most requested, since they detach the light from the wall, diffusing it in all the branches of the environment. You shouldn't get confused when looking for a pendant light point, thinking it's the usual kitchen chandelier that descends towards the table.

Many crystal chandeliers, of design, and also with innovative "atom" shapes, are created with a suspension system that starts from the generally metal rod, and expands at the bottom with blown glass solutions, weaves, decorations...

Evaluate well if the height of your environment allows for the most exclusive models, with modern suspension lamps that descend towards sofas, tables, areas to be illuminated appropriately. Because every environment finds its perfect lighting point, just evaluate all the possibilities well!

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