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5 Consigli per arredare con Lampade da tavolo moderne

5 Tips for decorating with modern table lamps

Many people underestimate the power of the right lighting in creating the right atmosphere for any environment .
Furthermore, they are unaware of the fact that choosing modern table lamps for home furnishings also means introducing design elements into the interior that can give a totally innovative impression to the space.

The power of light, one would say jokingly, passes through the lamps and their positions. We must not make the mistake of relying exclusively on ceiling lights to illuminate but follow six simple tips!

To get that cozy vibe you crave , make sure you incorporate table lamps into your design scheme using these tips.

1 - Modern table lamps: use colour

These points of light can be a good way to add lively pops of color or complement existing colors with bright shades.
Think that, if you want, each lamp can be a focal point or silently blend in. For this reason, adding a colorful note can make the difference in the decor of a living room or bedroom.

A dull or dark shade is useful for minimizing glare if you're watching TV, while a less dull shade will bring more light into the space, emitting a warm glow, if you choose the right bulb.

2 – Design table lamps, for combinations

Table lamps usually look best in pairs, at the ends of certain pieces of furniture.

On the sides of a long table, for example, you can place a lamp on both sides and then place additional decorations in the centerpiece. You could also use matching side tables on either side of a sofa, to house your twin lamps.

In these cases, the choices of design lamps suitable to match the furnishings and furniture will be fundamental!

3 - Classic or vintage table lamps

You need to define your space: Is your design traditional? Lighting can help you enhance this aspect with details of furniture and light that recall the classic style, perhaps with candelabra lights.
In particular, if you are the bohemian type you can think of table lamps with vintage-inspired finishes. If, on the other hand, you prefer a minimalist or fifties style, you can combine lamps with an eclectic design with fixtures with clean and simple lines.

4 - Table lamps: consider the dimensions

Make sure that the table lamp you've chosen is actually designed to sit comfortably on the support you've chosen, table or nightstand.
Table lamps should be about a foot high, reaching eye level when you're sitting next to them if you're using them for reading. This is a useful detail if you use the lamp as a reading light.

5 - Lamps for the bedroom or children's room

Usually those with the shortest "stem", or support, are ideal lamps for bedrooms, while taller lamps work better in living rooms and other spaces.

The shape must be suitable for the furnishings, but the light it emits must also be diffused in a suffused way , to adapt to the relaxation of the room.
You'll also want to take note of the size of the base -- if it's too wide, it may not leave room on your nightstand for the books, coasters, and other accessories you keep next to your bed!

In any case, when choosing a table lamp, you have to think about its destination : where do you put it? Is the outlet nearby? Is it tall enough for reading? Is the base too wide for the nightstand? Will it adapt to the colors of the environment?

It seems obvious, but sometimes it's enough to overlook a detail, and the lamp at home will have a completely different effect!

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