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Anno nuovo, luce nuova: cambiare look alla casa

New year, new light: change the look of the house

Once the stress of Christmas is over, the stress of the sales begins, however, how much satisfaction can buying the things we love at half price give? And so with the arrival of 2018 is it time to change the look of the house? Of course, don't overturn it, for those who don't feel ready, but make small adjustments to the light of the house to give it a new look worthy of this new year. Come and discover all the novelties of olux Illuminazione planned for this 2018: modern lamps, suspensions, floor lamps, wall lamps made in Italy and very discounted.

New year, new light: our proposals

Changing the look of the house between fashion and design has its charm. The best thing is to be inspired by the trends while maintaining your original taste, in this way you will not get tired of the choices you have made too soon. If you are tired of seeing your home always in the same way and you are looking for a practical, economical and painless solution to give a fresh breath to home environments, the right choice is to start with lighting. Changing or replacing a lighting accessory with a modern, colorful and trendy one will give you great satisfaction. olux-roary-ceiling-light-modern-living-room-set_2

Change the look of your home with Olux lighting accessories

The house is the perfect environment to show off all your style, so why settle for it? If you are here it is because you need to give new life to the spaces of your home, let's start with lighting. Whichever lighting accessory you choose will give you great satisfaction. Why? We'll explain it to you right away. A lamp is not just a piece of furniture, its main function is to illuminate, therefore allowing all household activities to be carried out in a dignified manner, except sleeping of course. Therefore, by choosing a lamp, whether it is a suspension or a wall light or a series of spotlights, you are choosing a functional and design piece of furniture that allows you to furnish your home as you like but at the same time to illuminate it. 9113f5764e0f81bf369511a38bc14337 (1)

Change the look of your home in three simple steps

All you have to do is, choose which environment to start with. What exactly bores you in your home? The living area is certainly the most visible and is the one that is usually renewed more frequently but also the bedroom often needs it, being the place where our rest is consumed. If you are not for big changes we suggest you take a look at our selection of floor lamps and table lamps , otherwise indulge yourself with our ceiling chandeliers. Connect to the website and choose your lighting accessory, put it in the shopping cart and order it. It will be at your home within a couple of days. Et voilà, the new look for your home with three simple steps: choose, buy and receive.

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