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Applique da bagno

Bathroom wall light

Correctly lighting the bathroom is essential, because various operations, such as shaving or make-up, require the right amount of light, and that it is of good quality.

In some cases, however, a more diffused light could be appreciated, if one relaxes, while bathroom wall lights can be fine near the sink mirror.

In short, the light of the toilet must be studied, because it helps to create the right atmosphere in this environment too. Let's see the advantages of appliques to combine natural and artificial light!

The wall sconces in the toilet

We need to follow the line of balanced light, and in this the wall lights can help us in lighting the bathroom. Too much light will create an unwelcoming atmosphere, while a dark bathroom will make it difficult to see the mirror, or near the bathtub – for example.

The two indispensable light points are the central light and the mirror area; for this reason, bathroom wall lights are essential for diffusing the light evenly along the walls.

The presence of appliques is recommended above the sink, around the mirror where a strong white light is needed, and in some cases if the space is large, on a wall where to put a soft light - perhaps near the tub or where the laundry is kept.

Wall lamps installed on the sides of the mirror, at a height of about 170 centimeters from the ground, can soften the contours when looking in the mirror.
Alternatively, the bathroom sconces can be positioned on the wall opposite the sink, to create a more diffused light.

However, the technical aspects must also be evaluated, always choosing energy-saving and high-performance lamps so as to have a properly lit room while saving energy.

Combinations between applique and bathroom furniture

The style of the wall lamps must be combined with that of the bathroom, especially with tile and floor coverings. If you have chosen a classic style bathroom, you can also choose wall lights mounted symmetrically and harmoniously as lines.

If you have a modern bathroom, you can dare with rectangular wall lights or with asymmetrical shapes; you can think of a white light on the upper edge of the mirror, and different colors, even "disruptive" for the appliques.

In any case, we do not recommend overly elegant wall lights if you don't have a bathroom that can equally support this style. At the very least, you can think of a contrasting effect, with very minimal furnishings, and super-classic wall lights or with crystals as the only concession.

mill_white_modern_wall light

Olux wall light for bathroom furniture

Among the different types of wall sconces that we offer, there are classic or modern ones such as the Mulino wall sconce model with 2 glasses and two lights.

The colored glass diffuser can create an interesting effect in an environment such as the bathroom, which can be structured with a themed colour. Furthermore, this wall light can be mounted both on the ceiling, as a ceiling light, and on the wall as a wall light for a bathroom area.


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