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Applique: l'illuminazione a parete di design

Applique: designer wall lighting

Light becomes the absolute protagonist of the wall, how? Thanks to the choice of designer appliques, lighting accessories capable of giving every area of ​​the house the welcoming and original atmosphere we desire. We are waiting for you on Olux Illuminazione to discover the many proposals for design appliques and other lighting accessories to furnish your home with light.


Walls of design: the appliques

There is a lighting complement capable of acting as a link between the rooms of the house, also illuminating the passageways, it is the wall light. The applique is one of the most used products for transit areas or to enhance a specific space in a room. The name of this lamp has French origins and is used precisely to indicate a lighting accessory that is fixed to the wall, consisting of a lampshade or a diffuser. One thing is certain, whatever the style and model chosen, with the placement of a wall light your wall will light up with style.

Design applique for a stylish decor

Wall sconces are design accessories capable of giving a new face to the rooms of your home. These lighting accessories are available in different shapes, models and materials , it is possible to choose between classic and traditional or modern and minimal appliques. Regardless of the choice, the appliques will be able to give the walls a completely new and original style. So be careful to choose models that can adapt to the general style of the environment and of the whole house. olux_lighting_modern_applique_bandaget_pleated_fabric_beige_1

How to choose wall sconces?

As anticipated, there are many design applique models to choose from for your home environments. However, we can basically divide the models into two based on the distribution of light. On the one hand we find the wall spotlight that projects a direct, clear and decisive light used above all to enhance a specific accessory or area of ​​the house. olux_illumination_lamp_wall_applique_lampshade_modern_fabric_roary_white_arm_2_1 The second model, on the other hand, is given by a wall light that contains several spotlights inside the lampshade that illuminate in a soft and delicate way. These appliques produce directional light beams, downwards, upwards or to the sides and is ideal for creating suggestive and soft atmospheres.

How to install sconces on the wall

Once you have purchased your design applique based on personal tastes and needs, you will have to place the lighting accessory on the chosen wall. Attention, it is important to choose the seat carefully because once fixed, any movement could be problematic. The wall light, like the other lighting accessories, requires a power connection so bear in mind that it will be necessary to make a connection to the wall or connect to the nearest socket. All you have to do is choose your wall light and light up your home with style.

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