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Applique moderne: discreta eleganza in casa

Modern wall lights: discreet elegance in the home

What are Modern Wall Lights? More than simple lighting accessories, these are accessories that improve the atmosphere of any environment thanks to a refined and precise lighting that is directed according to one's taste and personal needs. Modern wall lights are rather discreet and functional , made up of a glass screen that protects the light source and screens it so as not to dazzle, they are usually also appreciated in the LED version given the obvious advantages compared to consumption and environmental sustainability. wall_lamp_modern_sconce_aluminium_olux_roller_grey_2_1 Modern wall lights: discreet elegance in the home Many people today choose modern appliques for functional but refined furnishings within the home. This attention to modern appliques has meant that today the market is able to produce lighting accessories of this type with different materials, shapes and styles, in order to guarantee a trendy design for the most attentive to international fashions. The most popular are certainly the modern wall lights with a metal body and white finishes, ideal for contemporary and minimal furnishings that give extreme value to functional furnishing accessories without sacrificing style. Together with these we find the modern flat appliques, also a symbol of an essential style that is highly sought after in today's homes. However, there is no shortage of models with traditional dictates and classicism references for those who want the right compromise between modernity and tradition. olux_illumination_sunglass_campari_wall light_1

Modern appliques: how to choose them

The choice of modern wall lights that will illuminate your rooms with style depends on several factors: the style of home furnishings, your personal tastes and your needs. However, these are rather discreet lighting accessories, so we are sure that you will not regret your choice. Modern appliques can be placed in any room and beyond, even the transition areas between one environment and another often become "fertile ground" for the positioning of stylish appliques. Let yourself be inspired by the wide selection of modern wall lights on our site and light up your home with style and functionality. We are waiting for you on

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