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Applique moderne: soluzioni di luce

Modern appliques: light solutions


Modern appliques fall into the category of lighting furnishing accessories capable of characterizing and giving light to the entire environment. This type of applique is able to give a discreet and welcoming charm to the interior of your home. Olux lighting offers a wide choice of modern appliques, lighting elements that are hung directly on the walls of your home, illuminating spaces with inimitable class and style. Elegant and full of details or essential and contemporary, you can choose the modern appliques that best suit your needs. Made in Italy quality and workmanship are distinctive elements of all our products, peculiarities that allow us to satisfy all the requests and expectations of our customers.

Agata, Roller, Idea, these are just some of the many models of modern appliques that you can find in our online shop. Ranging through a vast series of proposals, you will be able to find modern appliques to furnish the interior of your home thanks to highly decorative elements.

These lighting elements represent the perfect fusion of functionality and good taste. Discreet and practical, the modern appliques by Olux Illuminazione will be able to gracefully decorate any interior of your home.

Modern sconces are available in many shapes, colors and patterns. Once you have chosen the one that best suits your taste and the style of the furniture, all you have to do is choose the environment in which they will be placed. Studio, bedroom or corridor, our modern wall lights will give the room a new and stylish allure, capturing the gaze and attention of guests.

The construction materials are different: glass, aluminum, steel. Each of these uniquely characterizes these furnishing accessories. As far as light distribution is concerned, however, we can distinguish modern appliques in two models: the first projects a clear and diffused light throughout the room, especially useful in study environments or living areas, while the second has a more suffused and delicate, capable of recreating suggestive atmospheres. Versatile, fresh and suggestive, our appliques will give a touch of class to both the living area and the sleeping area.

Whatever the choice of material and color, modern wall lights are configured as precious elements, a source of light and style that will enrich your spaces in an original and inimitable way. You just have to get lost among all the models available in our shop and choose the one that best suits your living room.

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